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Chinese Academician Makes a Breakthrough Discovery in IT Technology

08.01.2019 111 просмотров

Xue Qikun, vice president of China's strongest technological university, Tsinghua University, received the highest national award for a major discovery in the field of quantum physics.

Back in 2013, a group of Chinese researchers from the laboratory of Tsinghua University led by Xue Qikun conducted an experimental observation of the quantum anomalous Hall effect (QAH).

130 years ago, the American scientist Edwin Hall predicted that this phenomenon could be detected in magnetic topological insulators. Work to confirm this effect has been going on since 2008. Xue Qikun said that a successful experiment would lead to powerful computers "the size of IPADs". 

Today, further development of microelectronics is limited by the problem of thermal dissipation due to the Brownian motion of electrons. The discovery of the Chinese scientist allows to cope with this difficulty and continue further miniaturization of the elements of computers. The experiment was repeated more than 1000 times, and its results were fully confirmed by the creative team of the Institute of Physics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Nobel Prize winner in physics Yang Zhenning believes that the discovery made by his colleague from Tsinghua University is quite worthy of the highest scientific recognition of the merits of the scientist.

According to Xue Qikun himself, many more studies are needed in order to proceed to the stage of practical application of the discovery.

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