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China is actively developing a new coronavirus vaccine

26.04.2021 50 просмотров

China is developing a vaccine that is effective against various mutations of the coronavirus.

Chinese experts are developing a vaccine that will be effective against various mutations of a new type of coronavirus and better protect a person from various strains of it. This was stated on Saturday by the head of the special commission for fighting the epidemic of the State Committee for Health Affairs of the People's Republic of China, Academician Zhong Nanshan.

“Most often in China, inactivated vaccines from pharmaceutical companies Sinovac (Sinovac) and Sinopharm (Sinopharm) are used, which, for example, are ineffective against South African strain,” he said, speaking online at a conference of the Chinese Institute of Engineering Sciences in the city of Guangzhou (South China). “ Now we threw all our efforts on the development of a drug that will protect against the mutated virus.”

According to the expert, it is still difficult to determine exactly how long after vaccination Chinese vaccines can protect a person from coronavirus infection.

“Currently, about 50 types of vaccines are being developed in our country, and more than 200 in the world  drugs it is most expedient to refine? Can will we correctly focus our efforts in this direction? These are important problems that we will soon have to solve,” Zhong Nanshan summed up.

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