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China has created the first commercial launch vehicle

31.08.2018 107 просмотров

The main work on the development of a product called ZQ-1 has been completed. The first launch is planned to be carried out before the end of this year.

The three-stage rocket, developed over several years by the private company LandSpace Technology Corporation, is capable of delivering loads weighing up to 300 kilograms into near-Earth space. It is planned that the main purpose of the ZQ-1 will be the launch of small satellites into orbit. According to data that appeared in the Chinese media, the first contract to launch such a device into space was concluded with China's central television. It is assumed that the launch will take place from the Jiuquan Cosmodrome, located in the north-west of the country. & nbsp;
Indian lunar mission
postponed to 2019

A Chinese company is currently developing two types of missiles. ZQ-1 belongs to the class of light solid rockets that can reach low orbit up to 200 kilometers. The length of the rocket is 19 meters, the diameter is 1.35 meters, the take-off weight does not exceed 27 tons. The LandSpace Technology Corporation specified that it took about nine months to develop it. 

At the same time, work is now in full swing on the creation of the next ZQ-2 rocket, which will already belong to the liquid-fuel light and medium launch vehicles. It is assumed that it will be able to deliver up to four tons of payload into low orbit. The company says that the pre-launch can take place no earlier than 2020.

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