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Drones will monitor atmospheric conditions in all regions of China

14.08.2022 ТАСС 55 просмотров

China will use drones to monitor weather changes.

A group of developers from China, with the participation of specialists from the Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, has created unmanned aerial vehicles that will be regularly used to monitor weather changes. This was reported on Sunday by the Xinhua news agency.

According to him, the new drones are equipped with equipment for laser and microwave scanning. In flight, they record the state of clouds, the direction and strength of the wind, as well as gaseous suspensions in the air.

Thanks to these aircraft, as noted, the competent authorities will be able to constantly monitor atmospheric conditions in all regions of China. The drones have been successfully tested in the north-west of the country. They are recommended to be used for early warning of approaching natural disasters and in environmental protection projects.

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