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At the school Olympiad in India, Tajikistan took almost all the "gold"

28.05.2018 142 просмотров

On Saturday, the closing ceremony of the VII International Olympiad took place in the Indian city of Noida. The delegation of the Republic of Tajikistan became the undisputed favorite of the competition. 

Amity University, one of the most famous and reputable private Indian universities, became the venue for the competition. Competitions were held in four disciplines: biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics.

To determine the best, teams from a dozen and a half countries gathered in the Indian city, including Indonesia, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan. During the week of the competition, the Tajik team, consisting of 29 people, won 12 gold , 5 silver and 8 bronze medals, and also received six more places of honor. 

This is the second triumphant participation of representatives of the Republic of Tajikistan in the International Olympiad in precision subjects. Last year, only four schoolchildren came to the review, each of whom returned home with a gold medal. 

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