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Artifacts from Chalcedon to be presented in Istanbul

12.02.2020 134 просмотров

Items found in the ancient city will be exhibited in an open-air museum.

It will be located at the Haydarpasa railway station. It is noted that the excavation, which began about two years ago at the station in the Kadikoy area, continues. 

The complex in Izmir will be turned
into an open-air museum
The remains of numerous historical buildings, ancient coins, burials have already been discovered, which shed light on the life of the large port city of Chalcedon.

According to the director of the Archaeological Museum in Istanbul, Rahmi Asal, the work will last 20 months. During this time, the museum has received many unique artifacts that may be of interest to history buffs.

“We have finds at our disposal that are 2.5 thousand years old. In the near future, we will present a collection of artifacts to residents and guests of Istanbul in a 24-hour guarded open-air museum. We hope it will attract the attention of both locals and tourists,” Asal said.

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