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Ancient Roman fish sauce factory found in Israel

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The place where more than two thousand years ago they prepared dressing for dishes - garum, archaeologists discovered in the city of Ashkelon.

According to researchers who found a small production, the Romans took this sauce with them on conquest campaigns. It was popular among all classes of ancient Rome. Also, garum was found in the cuisine of Ancient Greece, Carthage, Byzantium.

Despite the long presence of the Romans in the eastern Mediterranean, this is one of the few factories found here for the production of a specific sauce. Most traces of such enterprises have been previously found in the Iberian Peninsula.

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In ancient times, garum was added to almost all dishes, giving them a salty, piquant taste. When making the sauce, there was usually an unpleasant smell. Therefore, such production facilities were usually built away from settlements, where the sauce was then supplied. In this case, the plant was located about two kilometers from ancient Ashkelon.

Later this area was used for growing grapes. The Byzantine monastery, which was located in this area in the 5th century, supported itself by the production of wine. 

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