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Altai scientists intend to revive hop plantations

24.09.2022 ТАСС 42 просмотров

This will allow replacing imported raw materials.

Scientists of Altai State University (AltSU, Barnaul) have applied the technology of microclonal reproduction in the cultivation of hops. Thanks to her, hop plantations are planned to be revived in the region to replace imported raw materials, Alexander Dunets, vice-rector for Scientific and Innovative Development of the university, told TASS.

"We are implementing the project together with an industrial partner from the Charyshsky district. This is a very relevant topic due to the fact that our country now lacks its own hops, and wild hops do not have the necessary properties. Microclonal reproduction gives us the opportunity to create the necessary plantations for enterprises to use raw materials for production. Our microclonal reproduction technology will make it possible to do this quickly. In addition, we have improved the hop varieties, because we need one that can grow in our climatic conditions and will not [be] susceptible to diseases," Alexander Dunets said.

He clarified that currently scientists have already implemented the stages of the project "from the test tube" to the ground. "There are already results, we have grown hops in "from a test tube" and transferred it to the ground indoors. Next, our task is to scale it in open areas," the interlocutor stressed.

Dunets clarified that the technology of Altai scientists will allow to revive the plantations of hops, which were previously grown in the Altai Territory and the Altai Republic.

Alexander Dunets also said that university scientists are also engaged in the improvement of some potato varieties. Their task is to develop a variety resistant to pests and rot.

Developments are being carried out within the framework of the Priority 2030 program. In 2021, Altai State University entered the list of winners of the Priority 2030 program and received 100 million rubles from the federal budget. The Ministry of Education and Science of Russia announced the launch of this program last year, it is aimed at improving the competitiveness of Russia in the field of education, science and technology. The estimated duration of the program is ten years, the total funding of universities participating in the program by the end of 2022 will amount to over 47 billion rubles.

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