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Almost 20,000 Russians study at Chinese universities

30.10.2018 98 просмотров

Moscow and Beijing are actively expanding humanitarian cooperation.

More than 19,000 Russian students are studying in China on a state-paid basis. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister of our country Tatyana Golikova at a meeting with the leadership of Peking University.
< b>Russia and China strengthen ties
in the high-tech equipment market

2012, a ten-year action plan for the development of Russian-Chinese cooperation in the humanitarian sphere, it is pleasant to note that cooperation between Russia and China in the field of education is progressively developing, the number of Russian and Chinese students, graduate students, and teachers sent along the humanitarian line is growing,” Golikova said.

She also noted that there is a steady trend of direct bilateral relations between 22 Confucius Institutes opened in Russia, and 22 Russian language centers operate in China.

Golikova is in Beijing to attend the 19th meeting Russian-Chinese Commission for Humanitarian Cooperation.

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