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Afghan women engineers made a ventilator

21.07.2020 115 просмотров

In Afghanistan, young girls who are passionate about robotics managed to independently assemble an artificial respiration apparatus (IVL) for patients with COVID-19.

The Ministry of Health of the Central Asian state warmly welcomed this initiative, given that there are only 800 ventilators in the country as of mid-July 2020.

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"For three years we have worked for the benefit of agriculture, industry and security, - said Florence Poya, a member of the creative team in the field of robotics. - One of our inventions was a robotic minesweeper. But we have not dealt with medical equipment before. So I'm just happy that we have created something useful for people in this area as well."

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"As you know, the coronavirus has caused a worldwide crisis, and people are looking for new ways to fight it, - ut woke up Somaya Faruki, 18 years old, the head of this creative team. - Many patients with COVID 19 die because they cannot breathe normally. That is why we decided to build an artificial respiration apparatus, because we have very few such machines in Afghanistan, and in other countries. We hope that the equipment we have created will be used in hospitals."

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The creative team of roboticists consists of 7 girls. It took them 3 months to build the device exclusively from Afghan components. True, the device itself, experts say, is very resembles an MIT design. 

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"This ventilator is our national pride," said Abdul Hakim, Herat, head of the health department. - Even the repair of this equipment will be carried out here in Afghanistan. Thanks to this product, we will no longer be dependent on foreign supplies and will be able to become self-sufficient in this area."

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A foreign analogue of an Afghan-assembled ventilator will cost the buyer 20 thousand dollars, while an Afghan product costs approximately 700 dollars with The prototype, made by young engineers, still has to undergo mandatory testing before it is put into mass production. " alt="Afghanistan ventilator 5.jpg" src="/upload/medialibrary/b21/b213aede762a5fdea2696881606718e7.jpg">

In the second half of July, 32,000 COVID-19 cases were registered in Afghanistan; a little over a thousand died man.

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