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Applicants choose the Far East and FEFU

11.08.2022 Пресс-служба ДВФУ 81 просмотров

Applicants from 81 regions of Russia have chosen the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) for their studies. 

The university has gained a record number of applicants — almost 12,000 people. The increase in the number of applicants this year was 2,500 people. This was stated by the acting rector of FEFUBoris Korobets at a press conference of rectors of Russian universities following the results of the admission campaign in 2022. 

"The Far East is not just a border between Central Russia and the Asia-Pacific region. This is a real development space, because it was difficult to imagine such a number of preferential regimes, in general, such attention that is now directed to the East, before. And the admission campaign is a litmus test here: we see how the interest of applicants from all over Russia in the Far East and FEFU in the first place has grown. We received guys from 81 subjects," he notedBoris Korobets

The head of the University also stressed that traditionally high demand among FEFU applicants are training areas related to the study of Oriental languages, culture and business technologies in the Asia-Pacific region.

"This is very important, because the Far East should be a point of attraction not just in words, but also in terms of opportunities to realize their practical skills in the field of Oriental studies. This year, in the eastern directions, the average score of the Unified State Exam is almost 90, more than 200 people have enrolled. This is a high indicator. The guys come from all over the country, they see the demand for specialists and understand the quality of our programs," he addedBoris Korobets.

There is still a high interest in Russian education among foreign applicants. Today, the university has already received about 900 applications from citizens of foreign countries. The geography of applicants has also expanded: residents of 71 countries take part in the entrance tests of FEFU.

Along with China and India, where interest in studying at FEFU is traditionally high, there is an increase in requests from Ecuador, Colombia, Iran and Vietnam. Foreign applicants choose such areas as "Medical Care", "International Relations", "Management" and "Economics". 

Evaluating the admission campaign as a whole,Boris Korobets noted that such innovations as admission to one wave and superservice, on the one hand, required the restructuring of the work of the university admissions committee, on the other, contributed to the expansion of the geography of applicants and the growth of the passing score. 

"We had an unprecedented number of budget places this year. In general, over the past two years, we have increased the intake by more than 1,000 people. This is a serious challenge for the Far Eastern University, but we have completely coped. 100 percent of budget places are closed. At the same time, the average passing score at the university has increased. This is the result of good work of the university with partners. We are restarting our educational programs so that the applicant clearly understands why he is getting an education and sees a career perspective," the acting rector of FEFU summed up.


Acceptance of applications for admission from applicants wishing to study on a contractual basis will continue until September 13. By September 14, applicants must submit their consent for enrollment, conclude a contract and pay for at least the first semester. How to do this, you can find out at the link.

Applicants can apply for admission to the FEFU Master's program until August 12. This year, the university offers a record 2,093 budget places for master's programs.


Full information about recruitment for bachelor's, specialist's and master's degree programs, admission conditions, the number of budget places, passing points, terms and stages of enrollment is available on the FEFU website.


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