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A library of Tibetan medicine appeared in Transbaikalia

12.10.2018 180 просмотров

Unique editions are stored in the Aginsky Buddhist Academy in the village of Amitkhasha.

As they said in the educational institution, the final 30 volumes were recently delivered to the library collections. Now, together with the 60 volumes of the Compendium of Tibetan Medicine, it has become the most comprehensive collection of texts on Tibetan medicine in Russia. 

Buddhist festival Shoton takes place in Lhasa, Tibet

The books contain over a thousand articles on the Tibetan system of healing, TASS reports. Its basics are now taught by 28 students. Three teachers who work with students speak Tibetan. To study the intricacies of Eastern medical science, this is a necessary quality, since all the works collected in the library fund are written in Tibetan. 

According to the vice-rector of the academy for academic work, Bairma Dashieva, the purchase of books cost about half a million rubles. The funds were allocated from the Presidential Grants Fund. Now the Aginsky Buddhist Academy will have the opportunity to fully explore the primary sources of Tibetan medicine. Several works will be translated into Russian and published later.

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