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A forum dedicated to the development of education, science and youth policy in Russia ended in Dubai

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The results of the international forum "Education, science and youth in the focus of national and international priorities" were summed up in Dubai. 

The event was attended by rectors of leading Russian universities, heads of relevant ministries and departments, regional curators and experts in the field of youth policy, education and science.

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The event was held as part of the World Expo 2020 exhibition. The organizers of the forum are the "Scientific and Educational Policy" together with the ASI and the NTI Platform, with the participation of the ANO "Russia - the Land of Opportunities", the State Duma of the Russian Federation and the ANO "Dialogue". The main topics of speeches were the role of universities in the economic and scientific and educational development of Russia, the diversification of state youth policy, support for universities and young scientists.

Deputy General Director of the ANO "Russia - a Land of Opportunities" Anton Serikov noted that today it is necessary to create a unified system for identifying and supporting young talents.

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“There are examples when competitions help not only to identify young talents, but also accompany the guys in the future. However, such stories may be isolated. It is necessary to create a unified system for identifying and supporting young talents. We need to jointly agree on how such a system will monitor and assess abilities, how this data will be transmitted and how we will accompany our children in the future,” said the Deputy General Director of the ANO “Russia – the Land of Opportunities” Anton Serikov .

According to Synergy Corporation Vice President for Export Programs Timur Kornilov , over the past decade, the total number of foreign students in Russian universities has doubled and amounted to 324 thousand people in 2021. At the same time, Synergy University ranks third among Russian universities in terms of the number of foreign students (26.5% of the total number of students).

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In order to achieve better results, it is important for universities to invest in their own promotion at the international level, speaker emphasized. So, in December 2021, Synergy University opened the first Russian educational hub on the basis of its campus in Dubai. On the site of the hub, foreign students can, in particular, get acquainted with the programs of Russian universities. For universities, the hub can become a platform for holding international scientific and educational events. In the future, it is planned to scale the project and open similar hubs in Uzbekistan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, China and the USA, the speaker added.

“In order to expand the geography of presence and build up leadership, we should join forces, including through public-private partnerships. Also, it is necessary for universities to carry out activities aimed at popularizing Russian education abroad, acquainting foreign students with our capabilities, for example, holding forums, developing digital projects,” said Timur Kornilov, Vice President for Export Programs of the Synergy Corporation .

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According to the General Director of ANO "Agency for the Development of Professional Skills (WorldSkills Russia)" Robert Urazov, demand for specialists in the field of sustainable development is expected in the coming years and green economy. This trend needs to be taken into account in the field of education.

“In the next five to ten years, the demand for green skills could skyrocket. For many countries, the issue of protecting the environment is acute, negotiations are underway on cooperation in the framework of sustainable development. Therefore, specialists who know how to work within the framework of the ESG agenda and the "green" economy will be in demand. For example, to determine how environmentally friendly the technologies of the future enterprise are,” said Robert Urazov.

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Another trend in education is microlearning. Now there is an active struggle for the attention of the audience, where those who provide educational content in the most convenient and easily digestible format win. This was announced by the Vice President for Regional and International Development of the Skolkovo Foundation Yuri Saprykin.

“We are moving from a simple learning content provider model to one that needs to control the digestibility and applicability of content in practice. Now technologies are actively developing that allow us to track the quality of content and the learning process at a deeper level,” said Yuri Saprykin, Vice President for Regional and International Development of the Skolkovo Foundation.

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< p> The gap between the demands of the labor market for specialists and educational programs in universities and colleges is still an urgent problem. According to Synergy University Vice-Rector for Youth Policy Roman Sultanov, cooperation with employers and other universities plays a significant role for universities.

“There are more and more cases when an employer finds effective formats of interaction with a university and takes part in the development of educational programs. For example, at Synergy University in 2021, together with Soyuzmultfilm, an animation department was opened, in 2022 we announced the creation of a film school with the Moscow Art Theater. Gorky. This format of cooperation has good prospects, but a balance needs to be struck. Higher education should train specialists with a broad outlook, and not for a specific vacancy,” said Vice-Rector for Youth Policy of Synergy University Roman Sultanov.

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Chairman of the Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation in Youth Policy Artem Metelev noted that the most important thing in the dialogue between the Committee and universities is “partnership in the expert part, namely analytical, legal, research”. The result of such cooperation may be the creation of the necessary bills.

Rector of NRNU MEPhI Vladimir Shevchenko added that today domestic universities can win in competition with foreign ones in terms of level accessibility of education and price-quality ratio. “Our education, in comparison with a number of other countries, may be more accessible to foreign students,” the rector shared.

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First Deputy Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Alexander Bugaev announced the need to maintain a balance between tradition and modern trends, and also noted the importance of building a dialogue between young people and the educational system.

“Digital resources, including social networks, certainly open up additional opportunities for promoting universities. It is important that such communication be honest and open. However, it should be remembered that for the education sector, for the pedagogical system, it is necessary to maintain a balance between traditional approaches in communication and modern resources,” concluded the First Deputy Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Alexander Bugaev.

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< p> The deputy director of the ANO "Tsifrovaya ekonomika" Yulia Goryachkina expressed confidence in the development of a dialogue between universities, business and the state. According to her, the participants in such interaction are able to build a joint win-win strategy, where everyone benefits for themselves.

“Dialogue is possible, we actively support the idea of collaboration between universities, government and business. The secret of success is a win-win strategy. Another secret of success lies in the interactive, visual and entertaining format for presenting educational content. However, such content needs to be analyzed and worked on to improve its quality,” said Yulia Goryachkina, Deputy Director of ANO Tsifrovaya ekonomika.

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