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South Korean artists create their own NFT products

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See in the new edition of the program "News of Greater Asia":
  • China became the Chairman of the UN Security Council
  • Earthquake in the Philippines has led to soil liquefaction in several cities of the country
  • Moscow will allocate 83 billion rubles to support business
  • South Korean artists create their own NFT products
  • Thailand celebrated World Tiger Day

China became the Chairman of the UN Security Council
China has assumed a month-long presidency of the UN Security Council. The Permanent Representative of the People's Republic of China to the United Nations, Zhang Jun, said that during this period it is planned to consider issues related to Yemen, Syria and Libya. There will also be two special meetings dedicated to maintaining common security and building the capacity of African countries. The diplomat also noted that the strength of the UN comes from its member states, and these countries should strongly support the actions of the organization.
Zhang Jun, Permanent Representative of China to the UN:
"We can't just ask the UN to play a big role in solving the problem and then not support it. We cannot practice double standards: as long as the UN meets our interests, we support it; when the UN and its institutions do not work in our interests, we withdraw from the organization and its institutions. This is not true multilateralism."
China always adheres to genuine multilateralism and promotes the UN development agenda in every possible way, Zhang Jun stressed. He brought a fan with him to the press conference and offered to reduce the power of the air conditioners in the Security Council hall, and to come to meetings without ties - to ease well–being in the hottest month of the year in New York. In this way, the members of the Security Council will be able to contribute to the fight against climate change, about which so much is being said today, including from the rostrums of the United Nations. "This is a small but symbolic step in the right direction," the Chinese diplomat said.
Earthquake in the Philippines has led to soil liquefaction in several cities of the country
Filipino geologists are conducting research in several cities in the province of Southern Ilocos after reports of soil liquefaction. Sinkholes and cracks in the ground appeared after a strong earthquake on July 27, which killed ten people and injured 375. 
Corazon Pineda, a resident of the province of Southern Ilocos:
"It's very hard for me. We worked hard for several years to build our house. But in just a few seconds it was destroyed."
Due to the liquefaction of the soil, there is a risk that those houses that were able to survive during the tremors will also suffer. Geologists advised residents not to stay in damaged houses until civil engineers check the integrity of the house and the land under it.
Daniel Buhai, geologist:
"Liquefaction is a phenomenon in which the soil behaves like a liquid and loses its strength due to a strong earthquake. As a result, buildings may sink." 
Today, local activists are filling up the formed sinkholes with earth. Some of them reach a depth of almost two meters. However, geologists have warned residents to get close to cracks in the ground is unsafe, especially during aftershocks. Repeated tremors can lead to an increase in cracks and even more dilution of the soil. 
Moscow will allocate 83 billion rubles to support business
Moscow will allocate 83 billion rubles to support business. Among the measures that will help entrepreneurs stay afloat and develop their business, there are preferential loans, deferred rent payments, and a variety of educational courses. In total, there are more than 70 programs with direct financing. 
Today, almost 17 thousand companies have applied for support, a third of them have already received assistance from the region – for a total amount of 20 billion rubles. One of these enterprises produces more than 200 types of industrial devices, including controllers, switches, power supply and electricity metering devices.
Vladimir Antonov, Head of the Engineering and Technical Service of the enterprise:
"This is the only switchboard registered as domestic in the register of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. These technologies of the company, developed in Moscow, today meet the need for automation of power supply throughout Russia." 
New opportunities are opening up not only for business, but also for the population. The goal for the coming years is to increase the volume of domestic production in many areas, and this will require highly qualified personnel. Moscow has opened additional educational centers for their preparation. One of these is the innovation complex at VDNH. Here you can study many popular specialties for free. 
Dmitry Litvin, First Deputy General Director of ANO "Human Capital Development":
"A large block of additional training programs from 16 to 72 hours and above, which are aimed both at people who do not have this knowledge and competencies at all, and at those who want to improve their qualifications, improve their competence." 
The first students of the center have already literally begun to build their new career – having learned how to erect buildings from the foundation to the roof. In a few weeks they will become fully trained builders. Other courses are also popular. All of them will allow you to get a profession, and there are many directions: creativity, industry, digital technologies, and much more.
South Korean artists create their own NFT products
South Korea is experiencing a boom in products related to NFT – digital casts of unique objects. Popular musicians, actors, writers and other media personalities create their own unique tokens. Entire art galleries dedicated exclusively to NFT art are appearing all over the country. Industry experts say that the main thing in this digital business is to create and maintain an army of fans, and therefore those who already have loyal fans will earn the most in the market of non–interchangeable, unique tokens. The NFT market has been gaining momentum over the past few years around the world. According to the data of an analytical platform that specializes in this industry, by the end of July this year there were almost three million NFT owners in the world, and the total market value of unique tokens exceeded 24 billion US dollars.
Thailand celebrated World Tiger Day
The Thai Wildlife Park in Suphanburi celebrated World Tiger Day. The country pays great attention to the conservation of this species in the wild. There are from 140 to 180 individuals here, while the number of striped predators has doubled over the past 12 years.
Varavut Silpaarchha, Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection:
"We have strengthened measures to combat illegal poaching and trade in wild animals. However, it makes no sense to catch poachers when the animals have already suffered. Our duty is to prevent illegal actions."
A tiger cub rescued from poachers has been living in the wildlife park for 4 months. Then the baby weighed only five kilograms and had poor health. Today, thanks to careful care and proper nutrition, the young predator is completely healthy and weighs 4 times more – according to age.

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