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Yoon Suk Yeol announces names of candidates for several ministerial posts

13.04.2022 76 просмотров

President-elect of South Korea has announced candidates for ministerial posts.

President-elect of the Republic of KoreaYoon Seok Yeol announced the names of candidates for a number of ministerial posts, including possible heads of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Unification. The announcement was broadcast on Wednesday on the KBS television channel.

The post of Minister of Education with the status of Vice Premier for Social Affairs was offered to the former head of the University of Foreign Studies of KoreaKim In Cheolyu, Pak Chin, a deputy from the conservative party "Civil Power", who led the delegation of the elected president sent to the United States, became a candidate for the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Unification Ministry may be headed by Kwon Young Se, a close associate of Yoon Seok Yeoland member of the transition committee.

Candidates were also nominated for the positions of ministers of justice, public administration and security, environmental protection, marine and fisheries, small, medium and  venture business. In addition, Yoon Seok Yeol named the head of his secretariat.

On April 10, the president-elect also named eight candidates for ministerial posts. Then the names of potential heads of the Ministry of Defense, Industry, and Culture were announced. The inauguration of Yoon Seok Yeolis scheduled for May 10 

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