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Xiang Xiang to stay at Tokyo Zoo due to pandemic

09.12.2021 119 просмотров

Visitors to the Tokyo Zoo will be able to see their beloved giant panda for a while longer. 

The animal's return to China has been delayed again due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Tokyo government announced on Tuesday that the panda Xiang Xiang will remain at Ueno Zoo until the end of June next year. The panda was supposed to leave Japan by the end of December.

According to city officials, the epidemic has made it difficult for specialists to escort the panda to China.

Xiang Xiangwas born in this zoo for four years back from the female Xing Xing and the male Ri Ri, which were loaned to the zoo by the Chinese side.

Under the terms of the contract, Xiang Xiang b> should be returned to China.

However, the panda's return date has already been delayed four times, three of them due to the coronavirus.

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