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Xi Jinping had a telephone conversation with the new President of the Philippines

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The PRC hopes that the Philippines will continue to pursue an independent foreign policy.

Beijing hopes that Manila will continue to pursue an independent foreign policy. This was stated on Wednesday by the President of the People's Republic of ChinaXi Jinpingin a telephone conversation with leading elections of the President of the Philippines Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

“Now the world is changing, times are changing, history is undergoing unprecedented changes, peace and security are facing new challenges,”  words of Xi Jinping China Central Television. “We hope that the Philippines will continue to pursue an independent foreign policy. China is ready to strengthen strategic cooperation and  coordination with Philippines on key international and regional issues, protect the trend of peace and development in the region,   , 

Xi Jinping also noted that China is ready to enhance the exchange of experience with Philippines in public administration, economy, especially in  infrastructure, agriculture, energy and education, to pay special attention to the fight against the pandemic and post-pandemic recovery. As the Chinese President pointed out, China is ready to strengthen the existing bilateral cooperation and searching for new growth areas, as well as supporting and promoting the socio-economic development of the Philippines. According to the TV channel, the Chinese President also once again congratulated Ferdinand  ;Marcos with victory in presidential elections. Earlier, he sent a congratulatory telegram to the Filipino politician.

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