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Dear viewers and users of our site!

For more than three months, the Big Asia TV channel, together with the China Media Corporation, has been creating releases of an information and publicistic program about the life of the People's Republic of China, which are placed on our air, six days a week. < br> 

According to representatives of the professional community, this is the most complete and politically verified 25-millionov-chelovek/">information about China in the Russian media market. Behind every word, behind every the frame hides the huge work of editors processing the CCTV news feed and forming the final product in a style understandable to the Russian content consumer. Our news is based only on on real events< /b>. It is very important! Alas, today a lot of fakes about Russian-Chinese relations appear on the Internet, since our countries have become a “target” in the global process of information and ideological confrontation. It is very easy for poorly trained people to “sell” an obvious fake under the guise of operational, exclusive, interesting information and gradually form a false system of perception of both the state and its values. Many clearly underestimate the danger of such work. The thesis that people who are interested in China can find the information they need on the Internet and do not need official publications and sources is not just a delusion, but also a huge political frivolity.

The management of the TV channel "Big Asia" has extensive experience in working with news and understands all the risks associated with the promotion of unverified information. We have an official agreement with the China Media Corporation and guarantee 100% "purity" 1590882">our news
. We can and should be trusted! We work solely in the interests of our audience.

KP Watching.png< br>
It is very interesting and important for us to know your opinion about our work! We appeal to you, our dear readers and viewers! Please share your thoughts about the "Chinese Panorama" project. We would like to know what you are interested in, what you would like to know more about. We plan to launch soon the Sunday program “Chinese panorama. The Main , in which the main topics of the week will be discussed with experts. This will be a large format of the final TV show, approximately 52 minutes, and we are absolutely sure that such an approach to promoting the official Chinese agenda in the Russian information space will be useful to all people working in the field of strengthening friendship, trust and mutual understanding between Russia and China. For the Internet audience that prefers social networks, we are already creating Telegram channel"Chinese panorama", which will be interfaced with "VK" and Zen platform . At the same time, the main platform integrating content about China for the Russian audience will be "Greater Asia".

Write to us, send video messages, formulate proposals. We are waiting for your feedback by e-mail:

Sincerely, "Greater Asia"

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