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Warring parties agree to ceasefire in Yemen

09.04.2020 144 просмотров

A truce has been called in Yemen due to the global SARS pandemic. The leadership of the Arab coalition, controlled by Saudi Arabia, announced that the ceasefire would last at least 2 weeks.

“The two-week truce due to the coronavirus epidemic came just in time after five years of war,” says Liz Grande, UN humanitarian aid coordinator. 31 (thirty-one) are not receiving any funds right now. We were already thinking about curtailing when there was finally some hope."

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The previous cessation of hostilities took place in 2018. It remains unclear whether the Houthis, who currently control the Yemeni capital Sana'a, will support the initiative of the opposite side. 

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The UN services state that three-quarters of the country's population needs humanitarian assistance, and approximately half do not yet have access to medical care. Now it is possible to correct the situation. The Arab League also hopes that the temporary truce will translate into lasting peace.

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