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Watch the information and publicistic program "Chinese Panorama" on the TV channel "Big Asia" (Issue 483):
  • The Chinese Foreign Ministry called the incident with the balloon a test of the sincerity of the United States The opening of borders has revived production, consumption and trade in China
  • The authorities of Sichuan province help migrant workers to get to jobs
  • China has resumed the sale of group tours to 20 countries around the world
  • In China, trips between the mainland, Hong Kong and Macau have been fully restored
  • The inhabitants of the Celestial Empire enjoy the spring scenery

The Chinese Foreign Ministry called the incident with the balloon a test of the sincerity of the United States Beijing has offered Washington to resolve the incident with the balloon in a calm constructive atmosphere without the use of force.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning stressed that the incident was an unintentional isolated incident. Earlier, the American side shot down a Chinese unmanned meteorological probe over the territory of the United States due to suspicions of espionage.

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Mao Ning, Official representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry: "China has repeatedly informed Washington that the balloon is intended for use only for civilian purposes.
He deviated far from the planned course due to strong westerly winds and limited maneuvering capabilities. This is an unexpected situation caused by force majeure."

According to Mao Ning, the Pentagon recognized that the device did not pose any threat to people on earth. When Washington announced the appearance of the balloon, China immediately conducted an inspection and shared its results as soon as possible. However, the American side reacted asymmetrically to the incident, violating international conventions.

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Mao Ning, Official representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry: "China is a responsible country.
We always strictly observe international law, respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of other States. As history shows, it is the United States that often violates the norms of international relations, infringing on the sovereignty and integrity of other countries. We have clearly indicated that the incident with the balloon was caused by force majeure. But the US still deliberately inflated this story and even attacked the device. This is an irresponsible, unacceptable step."

According to Beijing, the incident with the balloon allows us to check how sincerely the United States is striving to improve relations with China.

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The opening of borders has revived production, consumption and trade in China

After the Spring Festival, most Chinese factories and companies resumed work. Many of them are confident that the removal of anti-weed restrictions this year will revive the consumer market. Qian Taoyuan works at a factory that produces tonal couches, fixing powder and other cosmetic products. The company's capacities have been fully restored, but the staff still have to work around the clock to have time to pack and ship products. To cope with the increased volume of orders, the factory plans to increase the number of employees by a third by the end of February.

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Qian Taoyuan, Cosmetics Factory Manager: "Now the volume of orders has increased by 50% compared to the same period last year.
We expect to produce more than 50 million units per month. This indicator will be a record for the entire time of the company's work."

Demand is also expected to increase in the global consumer market. In this regard, more and more exporters from China are adjusting their marketing strategies. One of the innovative brands of Chinese cosmetics creates products with an emphasis on national culture and traditional aesthetics. The company's products are exported to more than 100 countries around the world.

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Song Qinchi, Vice President for Foreign Economic Affairs at Florasis: "Each of our products carries a story.
We strive not just to sell, but also to tell beautiful love stories from Chinese culture. This helps us to create content tailored to the characteristics of a specific audience and use a more effective marketing strategy. As a result, it becomes easier to find a common language with customers."

Since the beginning of this year, many more Chinese have started traveling around the country and abroad. According to experts, this stimulates consumption, followed by the general economic growth of the PRC.

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Zhu Haibin, Chief China Economist at J.P. Morgan Financial Holding Company: "The opening of the Chinese borders is positive news for the whole planet.
Especially if we recall the risk of a global recession in the United States, Japan and the eurozone countries. The recovery and acceleration of growth in China will also improve the prospects of the global economy."

According to the latest forecasts of the International Monetary Fund, China will account for 30% of global economic growth this year.

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The authorities of Sichuan province help migrant workers to get to jobs

The New Year holidays are coming to an end, and residents of the Chinese province are returning to work in the economic centers of the country. There are almost three hundred million migrant workers in China. Most of them come from rural areas. Liao Weihong from Dazhou City District of Sichuan Province is preparing a family dinner before leaving for work in Shenzhen.

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Liao Weihong, migrant worker: "I have been working away from home for more than 20 years.
To be honest, I'm not thrilled about it, but I need to support my family. There are more profitable opportunities in the metropolis and much higher income than in my hometown."

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Now a 40-year-old man works as a courier — delivers food and other goods. His wife works for an electronics manufacturing company and lives in the neighboring Huizhou City District. Meanwhile, the couple's grandparents, who are already over 60, are taking care of the daughter.

Liao Junyu, Liao Weihong's Daughter: "I want to see my parents more often.
I want them not to leave for work. Then they will play with me and help me do my homework."

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Liao Weihong and other workers can take a free ride to the railway station from where the train departs to Shenzhen. A separate bus for this purpose was provided by the center for the support of migrant workers in Sichuan province.

Deng Shangming, Director of the Sichuan Labor Migrants Support Center in Dazhou City District: "Dear fellow countrymen!
Today you are going on an important journey. I wish you a good job in the new year and a successful career. The support center is always ready to lend you a shoulder. Please do not hesitate to contact us."

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At the railway station, the staff of the support center distributed red scarves to the departing residents, which symbolize happiness and good luck, and Sichuan delicacies. Over the past week, the organization has sent more than three hundred charter buses and trains, helping people return to work. The Dazhou authorities also finance the training of nurses, cooks and other specialists. 6 million residents of this urban district work in other regions of the country today. This allows them to support their family, travel and make large purchases – for example, cars. Liao Weihong also plans to purchase the car by the next lunar New Year.

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China has resumed the sale of group tours to 20 countries around the world After three years of the coronavirus pandemic, China has resumed selling package tours for group trips to 20 countries at once, including Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, Argentina, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

This news pleased many travel lovers: they finally had the opportunity to feel the suitcase mood and the spirit of wandering.

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Zhu Yixuan, tourist:"My friends and I are going to Thailand.
This is my first trip abroad in three years, and I am very happy to travel again. I can't wait to see exotic landscapes and taste unusual dishes in someone else's the country".

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A group of Chinese tourists is preparing to board a flight to Thailand. At the Shanghai airport, they are accompanied by a representative of the State Administration for Tourism of Thailand.

Luo Lan, Director of the Shanghai Office of the Tourism Authority of Thailand: "I am very happy because today is the first day when we send an organized group of tourists.
Thailand was very much waiting for the return of travelers from China. Now flights have finally resumed, and we predict that five to six million vacationers will arrive to us this year." According to the international online travel agency " "with the advent of the Spring Holiday, the Chinese began to book international travel almost 7.5 times more often.

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Most often they choose Bangkok, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

Thomas Lee, Senior Manager of International Business Operations of an international online travel agency " ": "We have done a lot of preparatory work during the Spring festival.
Now we can offer up to 800 (eight hundred) online products: from a traditional group tour to a VIP trip, there are even options with partial accompaniment."

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According to representatives of the World Tourism Organization, the lifting of anti-epidemic restrictions by the Chinese authorities has become an important decision for the global recovery of tourism in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. Experts say that this year the number of international trips may reach 95% of the pre-pandemic level.

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China has fully restored travel between mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau

Along with the external tourism in the Celestial Empire, the internal one is also being resumed. Trips to the Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions have been fully restored. Passengers no longer need to provide a negative test for COVID-19. It will be needed only if the person has recently returned from abroad. Hong Kong has also abolished the vaccination requirement.

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Tian Xuan, Deputy Head of Baggage Control Department at Shenzhen Customs: "It is expected that after the full restoration of all ports, the number of people traveling between Shenzhen and Hong Kong will increase almost 10 times, from the current 80 thousand to 600-700 thousand per year.
And the number of passenger vehicles plying this route will gradually recover from the current one and a half thousand to 20 thousand."

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3 years later, the Liantang checkpoint in Shenzhen receives the first group of tourists, it includes students, athletes, as well as those who go on a business trip or to see family.

Wen Xueyuan, Hong Kong Cycling Club employee: "No other checkpoint can be crossed by bicycle with such comfort.
Next week we are going to hold an event in Hong Kong, 100 people will take part in it, so we decided to see in advance where it would be more convenient to travel."

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A solemn ceremony was held in honor of the first arriving passengers at the Liantang checkpoint. Welcome banners and flowers created a joyful holiday atmosphere.

Deng Bingqiang, Head of Hong Kong Public Security Department:  "Dear compatriots and friends!
On behalf of Hong Kong, I want to welcome everyone! Hong Kong is ready to receive you."

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Last year, the economy in Hong Kong fell by almost 3.5%. Experts hope that a full-fledged resumption of trips and additional promotions will help restore it. So, to support the tourism industry, the Hong Kong leadership decided to distribute 500 thousand air tickets worth about 255 million dollars. This will be the largest reception of guests in the history of the region.

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Blooming gardens and fields attract tourists from all over China

With the onset of spring, flowers began to bloom all over China. They fascinate many tourists and add a zest to the local landscapes. So, in Minhou County, Fujian Province, plums and cherries bloomed. With their beauty, they attracted people from different regions, travelers enjoy the natural beauty and hold photo shoots. Some visitors set up small tables and chairs in the open air, drink tea and inhale the wonderful aromas of flowers.

Китайская панорама-483-64.jpg

Cai Xiuying, tourist: "We really like it here!
Every year the environment gets better and better. And we are lucky that we can enjoy the gifts of nature."

Китайская панорама-483-65.jpg

Dozens of plum varieties have blossomed in Linhai City County, Zhejiang Province. The blooming park is located near the ancient city wall. There, visitors can experience the beauty of nature, watch the blooming and take a walk through historical places.

Li Mengying, tourist: "Every year during the Spring festival, you can admire beautiful flowers here.
We always come here together with friends. It's amazing!"

Китайская панорама-483-68.jpg

And in Dongguan City District of Guangdong Province there is a Kuixiang garden where sunflower grows. The area of plantings is about 12 hectares. The lush flowering attracts the attention of tourists more and more.

Deng Xiaoe, a local resident: "In the flowering season, sunflowers turn golden.
Friends and neighbors say admiringly that Kuisiang Garden brings joy to everyone. We will expand our garden and make it the hallmark of our village." 

Китайская панорама-483-72.jpg

Sunflower is appreciated here and carefully cared for. It's not just that the breathtakingly beautiful fields attract tourists and raise the local standard of living. These plants also have a positive effect on the soil, improving its quality due to crop rotation.

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