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Vladimir Putin received the President of Indonesia in the Kremlin

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Russia does not restrict the export of food and fertilizers, but due to Western sanctions, it has become "much more difficult" to supply them to foreign markets.

Moscow also does not prevent the export of Ukrainian grain and is ready to ensure its safety, the President of the Russian Federation said on ThursdayVladimir Putin at talks with his Indonesian counterpartJoko Widodo in Moscow.

The Indonesian leader, who visited Kiev on Wednesday, said that he handed overA message to Putin from Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. He also expressed readiness to establish a dialogue between the leaders of the two countries and stressed the need to "move towards a peaceful settlement."

TASS has collected the main information about the visitWidodo to Moscow.

Russian exports

Moscow, stressedPutin does not restrict the export of agricultural products and fertilizers: "At the beginning of last year, we thought about initially providing our own agriculture with fertilizers, but today the volume of fertilizer production in Russia is such that we have no restrictions on the supply of these products to the foreign market. The same goes for food."

The Russian side is ready to "fully meet the demand of farmers from Indonesia and other friendly states" for fertilizers, as well as faithfully fulfill contractual obligations for the supply of critical goods, the president assured.

At the same time, the West, the head of state stated, although it did not put food and fertilizer on the black lists, but with other sanctions "created such conditions that it became much more difficult to supply [them] to foreign markets."

Ukrainian grain

Russia, remindedPutin does not prevent the export of grain from Ukrainian ports: "No one prevents them from clearing mines and exporting grain from there, we guarantee security." There are other routes - through Romania (including the Danube), Poland, Belarus, ports of the Sea of Azov.

At the same time, earlier on Wednesday, the Russian Defense Ministry announced the withdrawal of the garrison from Zmeiny Island. As explained in the department, this "step of goodwill" will not allow Kiev "to speculate on the topic of the impending food crisis, referring to the impossibility of exporting grain due to Russia's total control of the northwestern part of the Black Sea."

However ,Putin stressed that Ukrainian exports will not solve global food problems: Kiev will be able to export, according to Russian estimates, 5 million tons of wheat, which "does not affect world markets in any way."

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Photo: TASS / Vyacheslav Prokofiev

Zelensky's Message

Widodo reported that he passedA message from Zelensky to Putin, but did not disclose other details. Earlier, he stated that he himself offered the Ukrainian president to bring such a message from Kiev to Moscow.

According to the Indonesian president, "the situation [around Ukraine] is still very difficult, but it is necessary to move towards a peaceful settlement and start a dialogue."

The question of the "twenty"

Russia supports Indonesia's efforts to prepare for the G20 summit, which is to be held in person on the island of Bali in November, he saidPutin.

Earlier, the head of state accepted an invitation to take part in the summit, but it is not yet known whether he plans to attend the event, which will be attended by the leaders of Western countries. As Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, told reporters, Putin "can go himself, can delegate someone."

Bilateral projects

At a press conference, Putin expressed hope that effective negotiations on the creation of a free trade zone between Indonesia and the Eurasian Economic Union will take place before the end of the year.

According to the President, Russia can also resume direct flights to the resort island of Bali, and Russian Railways and the Moscow government can help the Indonesians in building a new capital on the island of Kalimantan.

In general, the Russian leader noted that he was pleased with the "productive negotiations" with his Indonesian counterpart: they "took place in a businesslike manner, were very meaningful," and the agreements reached "will contribute to further strengthening the Russian-Indonesian multifaceted partnership." 

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