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Vladimir Putin on the results of his visit to China: "It was in a friendly way that everything was organized - warmly and efficiently"

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has completed his visit to China. The head of the Russian state was satisfied with its results.

The trip consisted of two parts: an official visit, during which mainly bilateral issues were discussed in Beijing, as well as participation in the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Qingdao, on the sidelines of which the President both held separate meetings with his SCO colleagues and took part in general consultations.

Summing up the results of the three-day work in China, Putin thanked the hosts of the summit for the extremely friendly atmosphere.

warm welcome, especially during my official visit to China," he told reporters. "Everything was really at a high professional level and everything was organized in a friendly way - warmly and efficiently," Putin stressed.

The Russian leader noted the great importance that Moscow attaches to the development of relations with Beijing, and not only for two countries, but for the whole world. "The very fact that we confirm the high level of our interaction and talk about the need to develop it, in my opinion, is of great importance for modern international relations, for Russian-Chinese relations," he told reporters.

Putin recalled the documents signed during the visit. "We reaffirmed the very high level of our relations with China, agreed - signed a corresponding declaration with President Xi Jinping - on further cooperation on the political track, on the fight against various threats," he said. The Russian leader noted that "this confirmation is of great importance, because behind the current work, which is very much, we should not forget about the main areas of our interaction." "One of them is our interaction in the international arena, in international organizations - the UN, the G20, BRICS, SCO," he specified.

economic rationale for a broad Eurasian partnership. "Before the signing of the treaty itself, some time must still pass, we still need to work on this, but this is the first very serious step towards organizing a serious economic association of a regional scale," he said. According to him, such an association "is compatible both with the EurAsEC, which we are developing, and with the Chinese Silk Road initiative in its economic dimension."

According to Putin, "all this, of course, falls into a rather energetic development of trade turnover [of the Russian Federation and China] - $ 87 billion over the past year." "I'm sure that if it goes on like this - and it's exactly the way it is, in any case, in the first quarter of this year, our trade continues to grow significantly - this year we may well reach the volume of $ 100 billion," the Russian leader is sure. .

Among the important areas of cooperation, he mentioned energy, including nuclear energy, cooperation on the Chinese lunar program, where advanced Russian developments will be used, aircraft manufacturing, joint implementation of infrastructure projects, such as the cargo-passenger road "Eurasia", development of transport corridors "Primorye-1", "Primorye-2", joint development of the potential of the Northern Sea Route, the Trans-Siberian and Baikal-Amur Mainlines.

Putin and Xi Jinping will be able to continue the dialogue on all these issues at the Eastern Economic Forum September 11-13 in Vladivostok, where the Russian leader invited his Chinese counterpart.

The President of the Russian Federation did not talk in detail about the work within the SCO, rest on the fact that its result was a solid package of documents. The main one is the Qingdao Declaration - a 14-page document that contains five sections on key issues of the modern global agenda, including the situation around Afghanistan, Syria, North Korea, the state of affairs in the global economy and issues of combating protectionism, cooperation in the information and communication sphere, humanitarian change.

A total of 17 documents were adopted by the leaders. Among them, in particular, the decision of the Council of the Heads of State of the SCO Member States on the approval of the Action Plan for 2018-2022 for the implementation of the provisions of the Treaty on Long-term Good Neighborliness, Friendship and Cooperation of the SCO Member States and the document on the approval of the Program of Cooperation of the SCO Member States in Counteracting terrorism, separatism and extremism for 2019-2021.

The leaders also signed a decision to approve the Anti-Drug Strategy of the SCO member states for 2018-2023 and the Action Program for its implementation. As a result of the summit, an information message was also adopted, which was also signed by the leaders of the countries - members of the organization.

Answering a question about the future of the SCO, in particular about the possibility of its expansion, Putin urged not to rush. “As for expansion, we agreed that the current structure is optimal. We will have to look at how the organization will work in this expanded composition (after India and Pakistan joined it last year),” he said. . As the President of the Russian Federation noted, after analyzing the work of the SCO in the current format, the participating countries will "make a decision on further steps related to the expansion of the organization."

Speaking about the work at the summit, Putin recalled the data confirmed by the International Monetary Fund, that "the total economy of the SCO countries in terms of volume, in terms of purchasing power has become larger than the volume of the economies of the G7 countries."
In general, the Russian leader called for a transition from exaggerating differences to cooperation. This remark was deserved by the statement of the G7 leaders, who demanded from Moscow to stop "destabilizing activities".

"As for the words about destabilizing actions, here it is the same as with respect to some other events, when, in particular, everyone showed solidarity with London over a well-known event in Salisbury, but again nothing specific was said. Everything is said "with a high degree of probability", solidarity in this regard arises on some shaky ground. It seems to me that we need to stop all this creative chatter and move on to specific issues related to real cooperation," the president said.

He repeatedly stressed that Moscow is open for dialogue with all partners, in particular with the United States.< br>
"As soon as - so immediately," Putin said about the possible timing of organizing a meeting with US President Donald Trump. "As soon as the American side is ready, this meeting will take place immediately, based, of course, on my work schedule ", - he noted.

According to the Russian leader, Trump himself "repeatedly said that he considers such a meeting expedient." "I confirm that this is actually the case," Putin said, recalling that during the last telephone conversation with the owner of the White House in March of this year, he, in particular, expressed concern about the new round of the arms race.

"I agree with him. In order to discuss all this in detail, it is necessary that our foreign ministries work, experts work very closely with each other, and, of course, personal meetings are necessary," the Russian President concluded, stressing that if the summit takes place, it should be filled with "concrete content".

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