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Visually impaired musician from Chinese village becomes Internet star

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Watch the China Panorama publicity program on the Greater Asia TV channel (Issue 133):
  • PRC criticized the US for changing information about Taiwan on the State Department website
  • Tianzhou-4 cargo ship successfully docked with Chinese space station
  • In Guangdong province, the construction of a unique railway bridge 
  • A visually impaired musician from a Chinese village has become an internet star

China criticizes US for changing information about Taiwan on the State Department website

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has criticized the United States for changing information about Taiwan on the State Department website, saying that political manipulation is doomed to failure. Earlier, the US authorities removed the data that they do not support the independence of Taiwan and recognize the island as part of China.


Zhao stressed that the United States must uphold the One China principle, uphold its political commitment to Taiwan issue and remember President Joe Biden's official withdrawal of support for "Taiwan independence". 


Tianzhou-4 cargo ship successfully docked with Chinese space station

The Tianzhou-4 cargo ship successfully docked with the main module of the Chinese space station Tianhe. This was announced by the China Manned Space Flight Program Administration. The ship delivered household goods for the crew of the upcoming Shenzhou-14 mission, spare parts for station maintenance, research equipment and samples of materials.

< br> Tianzhou-4 was launched by the Long March-7 launch vehicle from the Wenchang Space Center, which is located on the northeast coast of Hainan Island. Approximately 10 minutes later, the ship separated from the rocket and went into a given orbit. Less than half an hour after launch, the freighter's solar panels deployed and began powering all systems. Tianzhou-4 completed rendezvous and docked with the space station in autonomous mode 6 hours 58 minutes after launch from Earth.


This launch was the 22nd mission under the Chinese program manned astronautics and the 420th for carrier rockets of the Long March series. An earlier arrived Tianzhou-3 cargo ship is also docked to the main module. Now the space station is waiting for the crew of the Shenzhou-14 mission. It will include three taikonauts who will spend six months in orbit.


The construction of a unique railway bridge in Guangdong is nearing completion

Two parts of the large bridge of the Guangzhou-Shanwei High-Speed Railway in Guangdong Province docked precisely at a height of 33 meters after synchronous rotation on the supports. The engineers used a unique pivoting design to reduce the impact of construction on traffic.


The new bridge spans over the Beijing-Kowloon Railway, the Changchun-Shenzhen Highway and the city highway. It is a key hub for the Guangzhou-Shanwei High-Speed Railway. Its total length will exceed 200 kilometers, and the estimated speed of movement along it will be 350 kilometers per hour.


This segment will become the main part of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau high-speed transport network. When completed, it will connect the Beijing-Guangzhou and Beijing-Hong Kong railway lines with several coastal lines, expanding the region's transport network.


After the opening of the new highway, the travel time between Guangzhou and Shanwei will be reduced from two hours up to about 40 minutes. In addition, the construction will strengthen economic ties between the Greater Bay Area and Guangdong. 

A visually impaired musician from a Chinese village has become an Internet star

Luo Yingxing, a visually impaired musician from a mountain village in Guizhou province, has attracted more than a million social media followers with his playing. Despite a severe visual impairment, Luo can play harmonica, drums and guitar at the same time.


Like many village children, Luo I was going to finish school and go to a good university. But everything changed in an accident that happened to a teenager at the age of 13, and Luo had to drop out of school, despite good grades. The young man did not give up and chose music as the business of his life. He literally created a musical group from one person - himself. Luomastered more and more instruments, modified them and practiced a lot.


Luo Yingxing, musician:< br>
“Music has a healing power. Just imagine how many people listen to me when I play live, how big the audience would be if it was a real performance. So for me, organizing online broadcasts is like giving concerts. With such life experience in my old age, I will not regret anything.”


Luo has been posting videos of his performances online for 4 years now. During this time, he attracted more than one and a half million viewers. The number of fans continues to grow along with the number of online concerts - a talented young man performs live for his subscribers every day. 

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