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A new speaker of the parliament has been elected in South Korea

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The Republic of Korea has elected a new speaker of the Parliament.

Deputy Kim Jin Pyo of the Toburo Democratic Party became Chairman of the National Assembly (Parliament) of the Republic of Korea as a result of a compromise between the two largest factions. This was reported on Monday by the Yonhap news agency.

255 out of 275 votes were cast for him at the plenary session. As expected, Kim Jin Pyo will head the country's legislature for the second half of the current convocation's term — until May 2024. After being elected as Speaker Kim Jin Pyo ceased to be a member of the Toburo Party, which holds the majority in the National Assembly, and became non-partisan. Prior to that, he was elected to the South Korean parliament five times. In the past, Kim Jin Pyo also headed the Ministries of Finance and Education.

As the agency explains, the Democratic Party "Toburo", which holds 170 out of 299 seats in parliament, and the conservative party "Civil Force", from which President Yun Seok-el was elected, could not agree on the composition of the leadership of the parliament and its committees, which led to a month-long downtime in the work of the entire body.

Representatives of the "Toburo" planned to choose a speaker unilaterally on Monday, but the leader of the "Civil Force" in parliament Kwon Seong-dong offered a compromise. The Conservatives agreed to cooperate in the selection of the chairman of the National Assembly, provided that the Democrats would consult with them when choosing the heads of parliamentary committees. In addition to the Speaker, his deputies were elected — Kim Yong-joo from "Toburo" andJung Jin-seok from the "Civil Force".


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