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The meeting of the Prime Ministers of Japan and South Korea took place in Tokyo

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According to Han Dok-soo, the new Government of the republic continues to believe that the improvement of bilateral relations corresponds to common interests.

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea, Han Dok-soo, met in Tokyo with the head of the Japanese government, Fumio Kishida, and called for improving bilateral relations. This was reported by the Yonhap news agency on Wednesday.

"The Republic of Korea and Japan are close neighbors, important partners who share democratic values and principles of a market economy. The youth of both countries want to understand each other. The new government of the Republic of Korea, which came to power in May, continues to believe that improving bilateral relations is in the common interests," Han Dok-soo said.

He arrived in Japan to attend the state funeral ceremony of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. According to Han Dok-soo, Seoul believes that the conditions for a "turning point" in the normalization of relations have been prepared. Last week, the first talks between the President of the Republic of Korea and the Prime Minister of Japan took place in New York on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly session since December 2019.

Relations between Seoul and Tokyo have become complicated due to historical problems, including the issue of compensation for Korean workers who were victims of forced labor during Japanese rule over the Korean peninsula.

On Tuesday, a state funeral ceremony for former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was held at the Nippon Budokan Sports and Concert Center in central Tokyo. More than 4 thousand people arrived to say goodbye to him, including about 700 foreign representatives. Among them are US Vice President Kamala Harris, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, South Korean Prime Minister Han Dok-soo. Mikhail Shvydkoi, Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for International Cultural Cooperation, participated in the ceremony on behalf of Russia.

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