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Turkey's opposition wins Ankara mayoral election for first time in 25 years

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The corresponding data was given by the Hurriyet newspaper, citing data from the CEC of the republic.

For the first time since 1994, the center-left Republican People's Party (CHP) and its candidate Mansur Yavas, after processing 99.8% of the ballots, is gaining 50.9% of the vote, winning the election of the mayor of Ankara. His main rival, the ruling Justice and Development Party's (AKP) deputy Mehmet Ozhaseki, currently has the support of 47.06% of the population.

The CHP also won in traditionally opposition Izmir, where Tunc Sawyer received 58.02% of the vote, thus retaining the Republican People's Party as mayor for the third consecutive time. The closest opponent from the AKP, Nikhat Zeybekchi, scored 38.62%.

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head a municipality in Turkey< b>
The situation in Turkey's largest city, Istanbul, remains uncertain. According to the results of processing 98.79% of the ballots, the former prime minister and ex-speaker of the parliament of the republic, Binali Yildirim, received the support of 48.7% of the population, and his main rival, the representative of the CHP, Ekrem Imamoglu - & nbsp; 48.65%.

Interestingly, an ethnic Russian and Turkish citizen Anastasia Petrova-Chetinkaya participated in the elections in the resort Antalya. However, she managed to get only 0.52% of the vote.

After processing 99.01% of the ballots in the municipal elections in Turkey, the AKP representatives are reported to gain 44.42% of the votes, and CHP candidates 30.07% . The People's Alliance ruling bloc, which includes the Justice and Development Party and the Nationalist Movement Party, was able to win over 51.67% of voters throughout the country. The opposition bloc "National Union" (People's Republican Party and the Good Party) currently enlisted the support of 37.53% of the population. , as well as deputies of village councils. They are elected every five years.

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