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The second Central Asian conference will bring together about 40 experts from nine countries

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Valdai Club experts will discuss the prospects for Russia and Central Asia in crisis conditions.

The second Central Asian conference of the Valdai Discussion Club opens on Tuesday in Nizhny Novgorod. This platform will bring together about 40 experts from 9 countries for two days to discuss the prospects for Russia's dialogue with the countries of the region in the crisis geopolitical conditions.

The conference on the theme "Russia -Central Asia: cooperation and development in conditions of instability" is held in Nizhniy Novgorod not by chance. The press service of the Valdai Club recalled that it was this city in the European part of the country that served as the "deep rear of Russia" in difficult times of crisis. So, during the Time of Troubles, a people's militia was formed here to fight against European invaders, and during the years of the Great Patriotic War, industrial and intellectual reserves were concentrated to contribute to the common Victory. “In addition, Nizhny Novgorod is a symbolic place from the point of view of the development of trade, the paths that ran through it in times immemorial,” noted in a conversation with a corr. TASS Chairman of the Council of the Valdai Club Foundation Andrey Bystritsky. —  Symbolism, history and convenience for all participants played a certain role in the choice of this venue.  

The forum will take place in Arsenal State Center for Contemporary Art on the territory of the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin. It is expected that it will be opened by the Governor of the Nizhny Novgorod Region Gleb Nikitin and Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Andrey Rudenko. The Deputy Minister, as expected, together with prominent representatives of the academic and diplomatic community, will discuss the tasks of maintaining stability and predictability in relations between Russia and other players in the Eurasian space in conditions that are "characterized by the highest level of conflict in the last 30 years in Relations between the West and Russia.

Waiting for big events

Central Asia attracts more and more attention of experts not only in  within the framework of a bilateral dialogue with Russia or regional development prospects, but also as as a relevant platform for large formats forums and summits. In this regard, the expert discussions of Valdai will probably not bypass the upcoming meeting on Syria in Astana format (Russia, Turkey and Iran), scheduled for mid-June in Nur-Sultan, and also a new meeting Council of CIS Heads of State, which is expected in the Kazakh capital on October 14.

Kazakhstan is also preparing for an important event on the internal agenda scheduled for June 5 referendum on the issue of amending the constitution. The corresponding referendum will certainly have an impact on the political course of the country and requires separate consideration by the expert community.

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