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The Russian Federation will simplify the acquisition of citizenship by the military from the former USSR

10.04.2018 155 просмотров

Only citizens of the former republics of the Soviet Union will be able to acquire a Russian passport under a simplified procedure.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has prepared an order that greatly facilitates the acquisition of citizenship by foreign military personnel who serve in the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation on a contract basis.

The changes stipulated by the document are that it is not the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces, as it is now, but the Personnel Department of the Ministry of Defense, which is already responsible for registering contract soldiers, that will apply for the issuance of Russian passports to foreign military personnel.

The innovation will affect only citizens of states that were previously republics of the Soviet Union.

A simplified procedure for applying for citizenship for foreign military personnel may begin to operate as early as the end of this summer. Experts suggest that in this way the Ministry of Defense expects to replenish the army with highly qualified personnel on a permanent basis, and not on a contract basis.

In most cases, foreign contractors hired to serve in the RF Armed Forces carry it at military bases outside of Russia. For example, the citizens of Tajikistan - in part of the 201st military base on the territory of the republic, and the Armenians - at the 102nd military base in Gyumri. According to Russian laws, foreigners have the right to conclude a contract for the service of privates, sergeants and foremen.

Upon obtaining Russian citizenship, foreign military personnel receive a package of benefits, including travel to a place of rest for themselves and their family members. They are required to live in hostels at the unit in which they serve, and after three years of service they are eligible to participate in the military mortgage program.

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