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The President of Kyrgyzstan noted the support of China in the fight against COVID-19

24.10.2021 100 просмотров

China has provided great assistance to Kyrgyzstan in the fight against coronavirus. This was stated by the President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov during a Saturday press conference for domestic and foreign media.

In a conversation with journalists, the head of state praised the successes of Kyrgyzstan in the field of foreign policy.  

"Relations with China developed favorably, we constantly had political dialogues with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Our Chinese partners have provided us with great assistance and support in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and the elimination of its socio-economic consequences," the President said.

Also Sadyr Zhaparovannounced that after the stabilization situation, he will go on a visit to China. "We will discuss all relevant issues with the Chinese side and will promote trade, economic and investment cooperation," he concluded.

In addition, the leader of the republic noted that at the moment Kyrgyzstan is cooperating with 165 states, continuing to relations with other countries.

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