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Thailand to host Cobra Gold-2019 exercise

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International maneuvers that have been held in the Asian country since 1982 will start on February 12 and will last 10 days.

According to the Bangkok Post newspaper, 29 countries have been invited to this year's games, which are considered one of the largest in the Asia-Pacific region. Countries participating in the active phase of the exercise include Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. 
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a set of measures under the program for the provision of humanitarian assistance to the civilian population. The international maneuver planning group included representatives from Bangladesh, Mongolia, Nepal and the Philippines. This year's maneuvers will focus on general training of personnel, training of chiefs of staff in planning military operations, organizing humanitarian operations, field training and a number of other aspects.  

Headquarters commanders will take part in the Staffex and C2EX training programs, where they will practice the skills of managing military groups in the field. The end of the maneuvers is scheduled for February 22.

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