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The SCO countries will develop a new model of cooperation in the Eurasian space

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The Summit The SCO can become a platform for developing a new model of cooperation between countries Eurasia.

The participating states of the SCO summit in Uzbekistan can develop a new model of equal cooperation in the economic, humanitarian and security spheres in the Eurasian space, which will spread to other continents in the future. Kirill Babayev, Acting Director of the Institute of China and Modern Asia of the Russian Academy of Sciences, expressed this opinion to journalists on Tuesday.

He noted that he sees the summit as "a breakthrough event that should bring cooperation between the SCO member states to a new level." The US actions also have an impact on closer interaction between them, the expert believes.

"The agreements between the top officials of the largest SCO member states, states that are interested in and observe the work of the SCO, should <...> give impetus to the development of not only the organization itself, but also the formation of a new world order <...> in the Eurasian space. If a model of this world order is created here, probably first between Russia, China, Central Asian countries, SCO members from South Asia, then it is very likely that this new model of equal cooperation in the economy, security, humanitarian sphere can then be extended to other continents," Babayev explained.

The SCO Summit will be held on September 15-16 in Samarkand (Uzbekistan). According to the Consul of the republic in Yekaterinburg Abdusalom Khatamov, it will be attended by the heads of 14 countries, including eight SCO member states. The event will be a platform for the first face—to-face meeting of the leaders of the organization's member countries after a break due to the pandemic.

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