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Special forces units of China and Russia participate in joint military maneuvers

13.08.2021 290 просмотров

Chinese and Russian special forces have held joint military exercises in northwest China to test new weapons and combat tactics, including dropping from helicopters and driving cross-country all-terrain vehicles.

More than 10,000 Chinese and Russian military personnel are taking part in the ongoing five-day exercise "West - Interaction-2021", which started on August 9 in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

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special forces soldiers on board a transport helicopter conducted a coordinated landing and neutralization exercise with their Russian counterparts.

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As the helicopter arrived at the landing site, the cockpit door opened and the crew quickly descended to the ground from a height of 15 meters .
"Simultaneous descents significantly save our time and increase efficiency st. This gives us more chances to seize the initiative. But it also creates more difficulties, for example, when the ropes must be lowered and actions must be well coordinated," said Huo Xu, the company commander of the special forces unit.

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began to destroy enemy targets with the help of army aviation, all-terrain vehicles were of great help not only when landing from the air, but also when driving over rough terrain. ", said Zhang Chi, a soldier of the special forces unit.

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th points in the mountains. Elite units of China and Russia eliminated the forces of a mock enemy with a lightning attack.

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"The combined group of troops of China and Russia effectively achieves its goals through joint coordinated actions. We continue to study the model of joint combat in the field of firepower control, coordination military equipment and transmission of information. We are improving our combat effectiveness and offering a good model for the next training," said Xie Peng, deputy commander of the special forces unit.

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