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Singapore teachers analyze the pros and cons of the ChatGPT neural network

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  • The King of Bahrain held a meeting with the President of Turkmenistan Low-income residents of Malaysia began to provide fifty percent discounts in restaurants
  • An exhibition of elderly care products was held in Japan
  • Singapore teachers analyze the pros and cons of the ChatGPT neural network
  • The Iranian master told about the creation of the musical instrument tar

The King of Bahrain held a meeting with the President of Turkmenistan

King of Bahrain Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa held a meeting with President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov. At the talks in Manama, the parties discussed the most important aspects of bilateral cooperation and expressed their readiness to strengthen it in all directions. The Heads of State stressed the importance of cooperation in the humanitarian and cultural sphere for the rapprochement of peoples. During the meeting, the King of Bahrain presented Serdar Berdimuhamedov with the highest award of the kingdom and accepted an invitation to visit Turkmenistan.

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In the presence of the two state leaders, the delegations of the two countries signed a number of important documents. Among them are agreements between the Governments of Turkmenistan and Bahrain on cooperation in the field of transport and education, a memorandum of understanding in the field of crafts and traditions related to heritage, and other acts. Following the results of the official visit, a joint communique was adopted.

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As part of the trip, Serdar Berdimuhamedov visited the main office of the Bahrain Economic Development Council. In it, the distinguished guest was told about investment projects that are being implemented in the country and opportunities for cooperation. And at the Safiria Royal Palace, the leaders of Turkmenistan and Bahrain discussed the development of horse breeding. For merits in strengthening interstate cooperation and contribution to the development of ancestral horse breeding traditions, the head of Turkmenistan was presented with two Arabian horses and an Akhal-Teke steed.

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Low-income residents of Malaysia began to provide 50% discounts in restaurants

In cafes and restaurants in Malaysia, low-income residents began to receive discounts. This is another initiative of the government of the country, which is trying to support citizens affected by the sharp rise in prices and the shortage of such important products as chicken meat and eggs. The authorities have persuaded large chains and restaurant associations to offer people with low incomes set meals for just five ringgit – that's a little more than 80 rubles.

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Amir Ali Mydin, Managing Director of the Mydin network:"There are no disadvantages in discounted dishes: neither in the quality of food, nor in the size of the portion.
Guests receive their ration of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. More than 15,000 people have already taken advantage of this action."

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Mohd Azri Amin, courier: "I have children, so I'm looking for ways to save money.
Before that, the cost of lunch for only one person was about 10 ringgit. And now it's twice as low."

Entrepreneurs are positive about the initiative and consider such dinners for the poor a form of corporate social responsibility.

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An exhibition of elderly care products was held in Japan

An exhibition of elderly care products was held in Tokyo, where almost 200 exhibitors presented the most modern equipment.
Atsushi Nakanishi has developed a device that detects when an elderly patient needs to visit the toilet. Thanks to this device, the elderly no longer need to use diapers.

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Atsushi Nakanishi, CEO of the device developer company "DFree": "I believe that this sector will grow, there is a great demand for this kind of innovation.
Now in the care of the elderly, the emphasis is not on assistance from the staff of nursing homes, but on the support of those who live in their own home and use modern technologies."

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Among the exhibits is a special hanging device. With its help, immobilized people can independently transfer from a wheelchair to the toilet and back. You can control the lift using the remote control.

"The equipment moves the patient to the toilet very slowly and carefully, so it is quite safe," says one of the exhibitors. - The patient can handle the management himself without outside help."

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Special products for the elderly in Japan are becoming a necessity, since almost 30 percent of residents are over 65 years old. Investors consider technologies in the field of elderly care as a promising market.

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Singapore teachers analyze the pros and cons of ChatGPT

Singapore teachers analyze the effect of the ChatGPT neural network on the educational process. What is it: a study assistant or a pest application? This chatbot with artificial intelligence can write essays, poems and even generate computer codes. All this in a matter of seconds.

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Richard Whitrock, History Teacher at EtonHouse International School: "In an ideal world, schoolchildren use a chatbot to learn from its mistakes, analyzing, for example, essays written by artificial intelligence.
But usually it happens differently, they think: "I want to go for a walk, but I can't until my homework is done. That is, I can spend 30 seconds on it in a chatbot, or I can write for three hours myself. What will I choose?"

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Jonathan Sim, a lecturer at the National University of Singapore, began asking tricky questions to the bot in class. According to the teacher, this led to a more fruitful discussion with students.

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Jonathan Sim, Lecturer at the National University of Singapore: "If we want education in our universities to remain of high quality, we must teach students the skills of working with artificial intelligence, as well as how to surpass it."

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Experts believe that the application will help in education if you give such tasks in which students will need to use ChatGPT to then analyze the solution proposed by artificial intelligence, as well as make their own conclusions and conclusions.

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The Iranian master told about the creation of the musical instrument tar

The musical instrument tar is considered the most important part of the ancient culture of Iran. But even today it does not lose its relevance and popular love. Rasul Khojasteh has been making containers for more than three decades, and during this time musicians from all over the country have fallen in love with his instruments.

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Rasul Khojasteh, master of container manufacturing: "I have made over a thousand containers, and almost all Iranian virtuosos own at least one of my instruments."

There is no exact science in creating a container with an ideal sound. There is only the experience of the creator of the tool. For more than 1000 years, Iranian craftsmen have been making mulberry containers, but Rasul Khojasteh is an innovator. He uses other types of wood.

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Rasul Khojasteh, container maker: "Walnut, pine, cherry and pear wood look much more beautiful,
than mulberry wood. And I've learned from my own experience that they sound better."

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In traditional medicine, melodies played on a container are considered useful for headaches, insomnia and depression. Such music creates a calm and philosophical mood in the listener.

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