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Singapore Foreign Minister proposes to create a global cybersecurity system

06.08.2018 215 просмотров

The head of the country's foreign ministry suggested that the participants of the ASEAN summit develop a single global document. Vivian Balakrishnan stated this after the meeting of the foreign ministers of the participating countries.

According to the minister, his country, as well as other ASEAN members, are not interested in signing agreements with individual states. It would be much more effective to develop a single document that would have the status of a convention operating under the auspices of the UN. 

According to experts, a recent hacker attack on the country's strategically important facilities prompted the official to take such an initiative. Attackers stole more than 1.5 million data from citizens participating in the state health program. To minimize future losses, the Singapore government made the difficult decision to disconnect 11 key elements from the Smart nation system. These include energy facilities, telecommunications companies, banking and healthcare institutions. 

Smart nation is a nationwide program that was launched by the government of the city-state about two years ago. Its goal is to create a smart city system that would integrate such segments as urban transport, housing and communal services, healthcare, finance, security, energy and other vital areas. 

In recent years, in connection with With the rapid development of digital technologies, many countries have paid special attention to cybersecurity. In February of this year, at a meeting in Delhi, Russia and India agreed ?sphrase_id=3785">to expand cooperation in the field of preventing "the use of information technology for criminal and terrorist purposes." 

In April this year, the Tokyo Police Department had a special department to combat crime in digital sphere. A little later, the government of the Land of the Rising Sun began to develop a new concept of cybersecurity in preparation for the 2020 Olympic Games.

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