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Sanctions policy does not balance the EU: in Moscow summed up the results of relations between Russia and the EU for 2018

15.01.2019 93 просмотров

Permanent Representative of Russia to the European Union Vladimir Chizhov called 2018 a year of missed opportunities. He noted that the priority issues of bilateral relations had not been resolved.

2019, according to the diplomat, will be a key year - the elections to the European Parliament and the change of positions in the European Union will have an impact on cooperation with Russia. The expert also expressed hope that there will be changes in the sanctions policy.

let's forget that what we commonly call sanctions from the European Union, in legal terms, these are unilateral restrictive measures. For sanctions under international law have the right to impose only the UN Security Council. This is the first. Second. I think that now, in this matter, the European Union is in a kind of unstable balance,” said Vladimir Chizhov, Permanent Representative of Russia to the European Union. 

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Vladimir Chizhov noted that the issue of strengthening sanctions was raised at the last EU summit with regard to Russia, but this proposal was not supported by the majority. The diplomat said that in order to review this case, the EU must accumulate a critical mass. 

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At the moment, a search is underway for a solution to the problems that exist between Russia and the European Union, including a final opinion on violations of human rights and civil liberties and some territorial disputes.

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