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Russian leader and newly elected Iranian president exchanged letters

07.07.2021 221 просмотров

The new president of Iran conveyed to Putin a response to congratulations on election.

On Tuesday, Iranian Ambassador to Moscow Kazem Jalali handed over a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin from the elected President of the Islamic Republic, Ebrahim Raisi, on Tuesday. According to the Press-TV channel, the diplomat handed the message to the assistant to the Russian leader Andrei Fursenko.

It is noted that the letter is a response to Putin's congratulations on the occasion of Raisi's victory in the presidential elections.

At  meeting     Fursenko Ambassador expressed hope that   that    ) Jalali also called for solving some of the problems faced by Iranian students and businessmen when traveling to the Russian Federation. The difficulties are related to restrictions imposed on foreigners in connection with the coronavirus pandemic.

The 13th presidential election in the history of modern Iran took place on July 18. 28.9 million people took part in them. Raisi received 17.9 million votes. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the country reported that he was recognized as the official winner.

On July 19, Putin sent Raisi a congratulatory telegram. In he noted that "relationships between countries are traditionally friendly, good-neighbourly", and expressed the hope that that the activities of the new president "will contribute to the further development of constructive bilateral cooperation in various areas, as well as partnerships in international affairs.

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