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Russian entrepreneurs enter Asian markets with original projects

06.07.2022 Алиса Климантович, телеканал «Большая Азия» 45 просмотров

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  • The Assembly of the Peoples of Eurasia held an International Forum of People's Diplomacy
  • Russian entrepreneurs enter Asian markets with original projects
  • The 25th anniversary St. Petersburg International Economic Forum was held in the Northern Capital

The Assembly of the Peoples of Eurasia held an International Forum of People's Diplomacy

The unity of the peoples of Eurasia is an urgent necessity for the further development of the greater Eurasian partnership. This idea became the leitmotif of the plenary session of the International Forum of People's Diplomacy. A large-scale event was held by the Assembly of the Peoples of Eurasia. The occasion was the first, 5-year anniversary of the organization's existence.

More than 500 representatives of public organizations, business, science, culture, sports, mass media, government, political and public figures arrived in Moscow to congratulate the International Union on the holiday and take part in the discussions of the forum. 

The Eurasian Partnership is a multi–level and multilateral cooperation. How to develop cooperation between peoples in different fields of activity was discussed at panel sessions. Economics, science, culture, sports, historical heritage and new protocols of interaction – the participants of the meetings shared their experiences and projects that are just beginning to be implemented. For example, the head of the Italian NGO Elena Repman presented an educational hub in Rwanda and its branch in Haiti. Representatives of the Middle East countries also emphasized the need to create international scientific and technical centers. The speakers of the session devoted to scientific diplomacy have already proposed a number of specific solutions to implement these projects in the near future.

Several meetings were devoted to spiritual culture and cultural and humanitarian cooperation. The main mission of the Assembly of Peoples of Eurasia is the formation of human consciousness of the third millennium. According to the leaders of the organization, such a person is responsible, relies on spiritual and moral principles, honors traditions and family values.

As for the material side of life, key statements were made here. Thus, the Minister for Integration and Macroeconomics of the Eurasian Economic Commission Sergey Glazyev noted that a new world currency may appear in the near future, and this will be facilitated by the formation of broad international coalitions. The politician called for joint efforts to strive for such an association.  

Whatever topics were discussed during the forum, participants from different countries agreed: cooperation is necessary. Unification and cooperation will allow countries to develop and open up opportunities for improving both the material and spiritual standard of living. Such unanimity has become another illustration of the fact that the Assembly of the Peoples of Eurasia is becoming an increasingly authoritative international platform that affirms the ideology of peace and benevolent good-neighborliness between countries and peoples.

The 25th anniversary St. Petersburg International Economic Forum was held in the Northern Capital

"A new world – new opportunities." The 25th anniversary St. Petersburg International Economic Forum was held under this motto. The event, as always, attracted the attention of leading media around the world. After all, it was on this platform that world leaders made keynote speeches, sharp discussions on topical issues and the signing of multimillion-dollar international contracts took place here. By the way, this year 695 agreements worth 5 trillion 670 billion rubles were signed within the framework of the forum. 

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia:
"Every private initiative aimed at the benefit of Russia should receive maximum support and space for implementation. The pandemic and current events have confirmed how important flexibility and freedom are in the economy. It is private business – in harsh conditions, against the background of attempts to restrain our development by any means – that has proved that it is able to compete in global markets." 

Dunyasha, a robot girl capable of making coffee and even dancing, became the star of the exhibition space at the St. Petersburg Forum. But most importantly, it is able to bring significant profit at low cost.

Oleg Kivokurtsev, Founder and Development Director of Promobot:
«According to preliminary calculations, the monthly revenue from such a complex is 800 thousand rubles, which makes this solution quickly repayable. Plus, the technologies that are used here are fully developed in Perm at the Promobot enterprise. We have been producing service robots for more than 8 years. The technologies that are used here have high reliability indicators. Thus, we install the complex, turn it on, and it does not have to be monitored, because it is quite stable and reliable. You just need to add ingredients and ingredients at the right time."

The company plans to export, and already today there is an agreement of intent with the United Arab Emirates. Another novelty at the forum is the first Russian electric cargo car. It was developed specifically for the needs of the logistics business – the car is capable of driving 300 kilometers without recharging and is commercially efficient.

Ilya Rashkin, Head and founder of the company "Electric Vehicles Manufacturing rus":
"We took the Russian UAZ Pro chassis as a basis. The main key components and assemblies have been developed for this chassis: electric motor, power electronics, on–board electronics - i.e. all software, battery assembly. We are currently working with the largest manufacturers of lithium iron phosphate cells in China. We also use part of the electronic component base, also made in China. These are microcontrollers, such as GigaDevice, which we use in our onboard electronics." 

Not only entrepreneurs, but also regional authorities speak about active cooperation with China. So, the leadership of the Vladimir region holds special sessions for business with the participation of specialists from China.

Alexander Remiga, Acting First Deputy Governor of the Vladimir Region:
"I can say that there is a constant exchange of technologies, highly specialized skills and competencies. Our task, as public authorities, is to create a platform for dialogue in such areas. We are doing it successfully now. This is confirmed by the signed contracts and the export of our companies, including to China, the prompt replacement of tools, equipment or raw materials from the Asian region."

Not only China is interested in trade and economic cooperation with Russia, but many countries of Asia and other continents, and this is confirmed by the active participation of foreigners in the business events of the St. Petersburg Forum. Bilateral business dialogues were held with representatives of Turkey, Iran, China, Egypt and other African countries, as well as Latin America. There were also productive meetings with representatives of the BRICS countries, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Eurasian Economic Union and ASEAN. And the United Arab Emirates will speak in the status of a guest country at the next forum. And, as noted at the SPIEF plenary sessionVladimir Putin, Russia is expanding and will continue to expand cooperation with everyone who is interested in this.


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