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Russia has entered the top five most influential Asian countries

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Russia ranks fifth in the list of the most influential countries in the Asian region.

The Russian Federation ranked fifth in the list of the most powerful and influential Asian countries, behind the United States, China, Japan and India. This is evidenced by the data of one of the most authoritative analytical and political science organizations in Australia — the Lowy Institute, published on Monday.

As noted in the annual Asian Strength Index 2022 report, the United States holds the first place in the list of the most powerful countries in the Asian region, and "China's power in recent years has been undermined by strict measures in the fight against COVID-19 and the country's closed borders." "Japan got the third position, India — in fourth place, and for Russia, which occupies the fifth place in the ranking, is followed by Australia, South Korea, Singapore and Indonesia," the experts' report says.

According to the authors of the index, Russia's rating, although slightly decreased in the last year (by 1.4 points), allowed it to maintain the fifth position in the list of the most powerful countries in the region with 31.6 points out of 100. "The strongest indicator of Russia is still its economic stability and resilience [to external challenges], which is ensured by the country's resource security and well-proven nuclear deterrence potential," the institute's analysts note, pointing out, however, that "Moscow's influence in the region significantly limits its geographical position — on the periphery of Asia."

The United States (80.7 points) is ahead of its closest competitor, China (72.5) in terms of such indicators as overall military potential, defense cooperation and cultural influence. In addition, according to experts, "the United States has more favorable demographic prospects, while China is facing a sharp drop in the birth rate." "China's diplomatic influence in Asia in 2022, on the contrary, was very significant, and Beijing has won the favor of most countries in the region, remaining their largest trading partner," the document says.

Australian analysts also pointed out that Japan (37.2 points) and India (36.3 points), despite some expansion of their influence in the region, have quite serious problems. As such, for Japan, there is a "decline in the population, an increase in the average age of able-bodied citizens and too slow GDP growth." "India's economic influence, amid the expansion of its cultural and diplomatic ties, is declining due to New Delhi's refusal to participate in key regional agreements," the report says. However, analysts also emphasize that in the future and India and Japan "will remain very important players in the region, but their development trajectory may not be at all what the United States or Australia hope for."

Index of the strength and influence of the countries of the region The annual Asian Influence Index is an analytical report that has been produced by the Lowy Institute since 2018.

In this document, Australia's leading economic, military and political experts assess the existing distribution of power and influence of the states of the region and monitor the dynamics of changes in these indicators. The index includes 26 countries and territories (from Pakistan in the west and Russia in the north, to Australia, New Zealand in the east, plus the USA). The assessment of the strength and influence of states is carried out on the basis of 133 indicators assigned to eight key areas: military potential and defense cooperation, economy and economic relations, diplomatic and cultural influence, as well as sustainability and resource availability.

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