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Russia will continue to strengthen its position in the Asian region

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Russia is determined to strengthen its presence in the Asian region.

Russia is determined to consistently strengthen its presence in the Asian region, especially since relations with the vast majority of states located here are traditionally friendly and mutually beneficial. This was stated on Friday in an interview with TASS by Russian Ambassador to Vietnam Gennady Bezdetko on the occasion of the Diplomatic Worker's Day celebrated in Russia on February 10.

According to the diplomat, the "eastern vector" of Russian foreign policy has deep roots and unique experience accumulated over previous years. "It has been formed over centuries of close interaction with our Asian neighbors. Taking into account the steady trend of recent years to shift the center of world development to Asia, the importance of this direction is only increasing," the Ambassador stressed.

He drew attention to the fact that Vietnam was and remains one of Russia's closest and most trusted partners in the region. For Russia, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRV) remains consistently among the priority partners in the Asia-Pacific region. For more than seven decades, the two countries have been linked by time-tested ties of friendship and mutually beneficial cooperation. The positions of Russia and the SRV on many topical issues of the global and regional agenda are close or coincide, close coordination of actions is carried out at leading multilateral platforms, including the UN and ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations).

"Russian-Vietnamese relations are of a special nature. The two countries have accumulated a rich and in many ways unique experience of cooperation in various fields, including defense and security, the energy sector, industrial production, agriculture, education and training, science and culture," Bezdetko said.

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