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The President of the Philippines will come to China on an official visit

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The Philippines and China will sign 14 agreements during the visit of President Ferdinand Marcos.

The Philippines and China will sign 14 bilateral agreements during the state visit of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to China 3-5 January. This was announced on Thursday by the Philippine Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Among the agreements to be signed between Manila and Beijing, there is an agreement establishing direct ties between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the two countries, said Assistant Foreign Minister of the Philippines Neil Imperial. "In order to avoid miscalculations and misunderstandings in the West Philippine Sea (the official designation by the Government of the Philippines of the eastern parts of the South China Sea, which are included in the exclusive economic zone of the Republic - approx. The parties agreed to sign agreements on establishing direct communication between the two ministries of foreign Affairs at various levels," the ABC—CN media group quoted him as saying. — The President wants a peaceful and stable situation in the West Philippine Sea." "We will continue to defend the sovereign rights of the country," he added.

South China Sea Imperial noted that Marcos will also raise issues affecting bilateral relations, including those related to the so-called West Philippine Sea, but it is not yet known "how specific the discussions will be."

"We do not want to anticipate or doubt what the president will say to his colleagues," he said. "Maritime issues do not determine the entirety of our bilateral relations with China, but nevertheless we recognize their importance for our people."

Meanwhile, it is planned to sign an agreement on additional investments in the agricultural sector, in particular on the import of durian to China. "The Chinese market has an insatiable appetite for durian,— Imperial continued. — Investments in durian production regions on the island of Mindanao are possible." "I think you can call it a kind of Durian diplomacy," the Foreign Ministry official added.

Manila and Beijing expects to complete work on a cooperation agreement in the field of tourism, since in 2019 from From China, 1.8 million travelers arrived in the Philippines. "Now that China is planning to reopen, we want to resume the exchange of people," Imperial explained. "We think that this will be a great incentive for the tourism sector of the republic in terms of our recovery after the pandemic."

The two countries are also expected to sign nickel refining agreements, as China imports 70% of its nickel ore demand from the Philippines. Beijing is also considering signing a 1.5 billion yuan ($215.4 million) grant for the Philippines, as well as finalizing a framework agreement on three bridge projects. According to Imperial, during Marcos' state visit, bilateral agreements on renewable energy sources, digital cooperation, exchange of best practices and capacity building will also be signed.

Bilateral trade According to the Philippine Ministry of Commerce and Industry, as of 2021, bilateral trade between China and the Philippines amounted to 38.35 billion dollars.

However, Philippine exports to China amounted to $ 11.55 billion, and imports - $ 26.8 billion. According to the Philippine Statistical Office for 2020, the main exports to China included nickel, cathodes, manufactured goods and fresh bananas. The bulk of imports from China consists of mineral fuels, lubricants, iron, steel, as well as industrial machinery and equipment.

Marcos will be accompanied on the trip by ex-President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Speaker of the House of Representatives Ferdinand Martin Romualdes and a number of ministers. It is expected that the President of the Philippines will also hold meetings with Premier of the State Council of China Li Keqiang and Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress Li Zhanshu.

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