Opening Asia for Russia

Crimes of the USA, joint exercises of the Air Force and the PLA Navy, cluster infection, "Mengtian" on the launch pad, twin pandas - see "Chinese Panorama"-250

12.08.2022 Медиакорпорация Китая (CMG), телеканал «Большая Азия» (Яна Бродневская) 72 просмотров

Watch the information and publicistic program "Chinese Panorama" on the TV channel "Big Asia" (Issue 250):

  • China has released a report on human rights violations by the United States
  • The People's Liberation Army of China continues exercises in the sea and airspace of the island of Taiwan
  • There has been an outbreak of COVID-19 in Tibet
  • The laboratory module "Mengtian" was delivered to the cosmodrome
  • A panda at the Chongqing Zoo has twins

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