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Philippine president to visit Israel for the first time

01.09.2018 84 просмотров

Rodrigo Duterte's visit will start on Saturday. It will be the first visit by a head of the Philippines to the State of Israel since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1957. 

The program of the visit is designed for three days. During this time, the President of the island state will meet with his counterpart, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, visit the Yad Vashem memorial complex, and also take part in a business program. As previously reported, a large group of entrepreneurs will arrive in Israel with Rodrigo Duterte. 

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The parties are expected to discuss a wide range of issues. The leaders of the countries will outline the main directions of economic cooperation, as well as raise the issue of citizens of the Philippines living in Israel (about 30 thousand Filipinos currently work in the Middle East state as nurses, nannies, etc.). 

According to the Philippine press, the visit will take place at the invitation of the Israeli side. 

Israel will be the first state to visit Rodrigo Duterte during his Middle East tour. Jordan will be next in line, RIA Novosti reports. 

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