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Philippine president retires from politics

11.10.2021 226 просмотров

Leaves politics due to lack of competence and unwillingness to violate the constitution. This is how the current head of state, Rodrigo Duterte, explained his refusal to run for Vice President of the Philippines. 

"The overwhelming opinion of Filipinos is that I am not qualified enough and it would be against the constitution to take the post of vice president," said Rodrigo Duterte. -  And so, in obedience to the will of the people who finally appointed me president many years ago, I now say to my countrymen: I will follow your wishes, and today I announce my retirement from politics.

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Previous Duterte stated that at the end of his term he would run for the position of vice president - the elections of the first person and his deputy in the Philippines will be held simultaneously in May 2022. But such political ambitions did not please the majority of the inhabitants of the island nation, and the political leader heard the criticism of the citizens. 

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In addition, the daughter of Duterte - Sarah, who now heads the third largest city in the Philippines, Davao, will apparently be nominated for the presidency of the country. She herself has not yet declared such intentions, but her father answered the corresponding question of a journalist from a local TV channel in the affirmative. At the same time, it is known that there is an agreement between the daughter and the father not to simultaneously apply for the highest posts in the state. 

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Sarah Duterte-Carpio ranks first in the ranking of the most popular politicians in the country, however, in the elections, she will have a worthy rival - the current vice president Leni Robredo. She is in opposition to Rodrigo Duterte, criticizing his methods of fighting drugs and a number of other political decisions.

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"We need to change this situation," said Leni Robredo , Vice President of the Philippines. - I will fight. We will fight. I propose myself as a candidate for the presidency in the 2022 elections. No noise can hide the truth. If people like those in power now succeed in the upcoming elections, we should not expect any changes.


Two presidential candidates will compete with men: former world boxing champion, Senator Manny Pacquiao, son of the last dictator of the Philippines Ferdinand Marcos Jr., Mayor of Manila Isco Morenoand other high-ranking politicians.

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