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On the results of the visit of the President of Tajikistan to Russia

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On April 17, negotiations between the presidents of Russia and Tajikistan were held in Moscow.

The visit of the President of Tajikistan to Russia can rightly be called a success. The parties discussed the whole range of issues of mutual interest and confirmed that our countries are linked by relations of strategic partnership and alliance, which are progressively developing on the basis of traditions of friendship and mutual respect.

President of Tajikistan arrives in Moscow
on a two-day visit

trade and economic sphere. Therefore, special attention was paid to finding ways to significantly increase its volume and quality.

The Russian Federation accounts for a quarter of Tajik trade and about a third of all foreign investment in the republic - $ 1.6 billion. Bilateral trade last year almost reached one billion dollars.

In order to further increase mutual trade, the parties signed an agreement on the organization of a simplified procedure for customs operations when moving goods and vehicles between Russia and Tajikistan. Its implementation will create a "green corridor" for the supply of environmentally friendly fruit and vegetable products from Tajikistan to the Russian market. In this regard, it was agreed to start work on the creation of a wholesale distribution center in Tajikistan.

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Another important area of cooperation is energy. As Russian President Vladimir Putin noted, Russia almost completely covers the needs of the Tajik economy in oil products. At the same time, energy supplies are carried out without levying export customs duties.

Sangtudinskaya HPP, the largest Russian-Tajik joint venture, is of decisive importance for the energy sector in Tajikistan. It provides over 10% of energy consumption in Tajikistan. According to the parties, its potential should be used to create new electric power projects, and not only in Tajikistan, but also in other countries of Central Asia. . The goal is for the country to switch to an industrial-agrarian model of development in the next 10 years. In this regard, Russia confirmed its readiness to provide all necessary assistance and support to the friendly country.

In particular, a project will be implemented to create specialized centers for the sale and warranty service of Russian automotive equipment in Tajikistan.

The Tajik side presented to Russian partners a package of 50 investment projects, which involves the creation of joint ventures in such industries as light, food, mining, as well as in the field of transport and tourism.

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In the same context, one should point to the agreement concluded by the Russian bank VTB and the Tajik Aluminum Company. In accordance with it, the Tajik side will be assisted in financing the purchase of raw materials, and in the future - in the modernization of production, improving the quality of products. This is especially important, since the aluminum industry plays a backbone role in the Tajik economy. 

Labor migration is a sensitive issue in bilateral relations. Currently, about 1.2 million citizens of Tajikistan live and work in Russia. True, the number of people going to our country to work has significantly decreased - last year there were 480 thousand, half as many as in the "peak" years.

Be that as it may, migrants' remittances help for their families and for the Tajik economy as a whole. For example, in 2018, the amount of these transfers reached $3 billion, while Tajikistan's GDP amounted to about $7 billion. Tajikistan to carry out temporary labor activity on the territory of Russia.

Along with this, Russia and Tajikistan agreed to strengthen cooperation in the humanitarian, cultural and educational spheres.

Currently, more than 20,000 Tajiks. About 8,000 more are studying in branches of Russian universities in the republic. For the 2018-2019 academic year, Russia has allocated 618 state scholarships to Tajik students.

At the same time, education in Russian is of great importance in Tajikistan. It introduced compulsory study of the Russian language in schools from the second grade, there are dozens of general education schools and hundreds of classes with Russian as the language of instruction.

In accordance with the agreement concluded during the visit, five more such schools will appear in Tajikistan - in Dushanbe, Kulyab, Khujand, Bokhtar and Tursunzade. They will be built and equipped at the expense of Russia.

As part of the strategic partnership and alliance, Russia and Tajikistan agreed to continue close cooperation in the military and military-technical spheres. In particular, Russia will continue to assist in the modernization of the Tajik Armed Forces, training military personnel for the republic.

During the talks, the importance of the presence of a Russian military base on Tajik territory as a guarantor of regional security was emphasized.

In this regard, the parties also noted the importance of interaction against the backdrop of the development of the situation in Afghanistan. The Tajik-Afghan section of the border, 1400 km long, is strategic for ensuring the security of the southern borders of the CIS. In accordance with this, the parties announced their intention to continue coordinating their efforts in order to neutralize threats from the south.

At the same time, Russia and Tajikistan noted the importance of assisting the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in ensuring stability in the country and its development. Moscow and Dushanbe called for building up cooperation in the Afghan direction in bilateral and multilateral formats.

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