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North Korea and South Korea intensify dialogue

15.10.2018 168 просмотров

On Monday, October 15, the parties held high-level talks and reached agreement on a number of issues.

According to the South Korean Ministry of Unification, within a month and a half, work will begin on the modernization of highways and railways in the border area between the two countries. In addition, the delegations agreed to organize a dialogue between the military at the level of generals as soon as possible. 
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North and South Korea want < br> jointly host the 2032 Olympics  

At the meeting in Panmunjom, the theme of the meeting of families separated by the war of 1950-1953 was touched upon. The parties agreed to hold talks with representatives of national organizations of the Red Cross in the next two weeks. 

In addition, by the end of the year, the sports departments of the two countries will begin a detailed discussion of the possibility of joint holding of the 2032 Olympics. In early September, the DPRK and the Republic of Korea began bilateral consultations to work out a common position for filing an application with the International Olympic Committee.

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