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Watch the information and publicistic program "Chinese Panorama" on the TV channel "Big Asia" (Issue 510):
  • The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that China will use its own approach to the development of human rights Beijing has protested against Washington's unlawful sanctions for ties with Russia
  • Ultra-high voltage power transmission opens up new opportunities for Chinese energy
  • Ultra-high voltage power lines effectively provide electricity to the whole of China
  • In the Middle Kingdom, measures are being taken to revive the countryside
  • The State Committee for Health Affairs of the People's Republic of China reported on the situation with coronavirus in the country
  • China continues to strengthen economic ties with other States

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that China will use its own approach to the development of human rights China plans to contribute to the global development of human rights and follow its own path in this area.

This statement was made by Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang, speaking via video link at the 52nd session of the UN Human Rights Council. The diplomat protested against attempts to denigrate China by speculating on the topic of domestic politics in the Xinjiang Uygur and Tibetan Autonomous Regions.

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The Minister stressed that China cares about the prosperity of Hong Kong based on the principle of "one country, two systems". At the same time, Beijing has always stood guard over State sovereignty and national interests in the areas of security, stability and economic development. According to Qin Gang, the National Security Protection Act of 2020 in Hong Kong has further strengthened the region's status as an international center for financial transactions, trade and commercial shipping.

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The diplomat also touched upon the topic of the possible discharge of water into the ocean from the Japanese emergency nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1". Qin Gang said that the international community should urge Tokyo to dispose of water in a transparent, scientifically sound and safe way.

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China has protested against illegal US sanctions for ties with Russia

Beijing is protesting against Washington's sanctions against Chinese companies for ties with Russia. This was announced by Mao Ning, the official representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry. According to her, the illegal unilateral actions of the United States do not rely on international law and cause great damage to the interests of the Celestial Empire.

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Mao Ning, Official representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry: "New instruments of pressure from Washington do not have the slightest legal basis and are not supported by the approval of the UN Security Council.
These are typical unilateral sanctions and "long-arm jurisdiction". We are extremely dissatisfied with the fact that the United States infringes on China's interests, and we strongly protest. We have already made a serious presentation to the American side on this issue. Beijing adheres to an objective and balanced position on the Ukrainian issue, advocating political methods of resolving the conflict."

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The diplomat stressed that the United States is contributing to the escalation of the armed confrontation by sending huge military aid to Kiev and spreading false information about the supply of weapons from China to Russia. This is just an excuse to put pressure on Chinese business, which speaks of Washington's double standards. Mao Ning called on the United States to lift sanctions on Chinese enterprises and promote peaceful negotiations between participants in the Ukrainian conflict. If necessary, China is ready to take countermeasures to protect the legitimate interests of its companies.

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Ultra-high voltage power transmission opens up new opportunities for Chinese energy

Many sources of renewable energy in the Celestial Empire are remote from populated areas, so ultra-high voltage lines are of great importance for the infrastructure of the PRC. This opinion was expressed by He Guanghua, a member of the National People's Congress. Based on more than 20 years of experience in the energy sector, she is preparing to make her own proposal for its modernization at the upcoming sessions of the supreme legislative body of the People's Republic of China.

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He Guanghua, Member of the National People's Congress, Jiangsu Province: "Jiangsu Province has a developed industry and consumes about 6% of the country's electricity.
But more than half of this volume accounts for generate by burning coal. Increasing the supply of clean energy from the central and western regions of China to our region will contribute to sustainable high-quality economic growth. This will make the energy sector more environmentally friendly."

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China already has ultra-high voltage power transmission technologies and all the necessary production capabilities in order to implement He Guanghua's proposal. According to preliminary calculations, the supply of electricity to Jiangsu can be increased by 8 million kilowatts.

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New ultra-high voltage power lines effectively provide electricity to the whole of China

The Baihetan hydroelectric power station supplies electricity to the city of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, located at a distance of almost 2 thousand kilometers. Transferring electricity from one end of the country to the other is not an easy task, including due to high energy losses. The problem can be solved by modern ultra-high voltage power lines, which minimize these losses.

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Cao Litan, representative of Zhejiang's State-owned Ultra-high voltage Power Grid: "The system of ultra-high voltage lines allows you to transmit electricity in large volumes and over long distances.
The costs are small, the energy losses are also small. For example, when transmitting direct current with a voltage of 800 thousand volts for several thousand kilometers, only 5% of electricity is lost."

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The Hangzhou station receives direct current from ultra-high voltage lines and converts it into alternating current.

Gu Jiefeng, representative of Zhejiang State Grid Construction Company: "These devices hanging at a height of 14 meters are converter valves.
This is the most important equipment. The heart of this station."

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The Baihetan-Zhejiang project worth more than four billion dollars will be completed in less than 16 months. The station is planned to be fully commissioned by the summer. The project is expected to provide electricity to more than 8.5 million families living in eastern China.

Gu Jiefeng, representative of Zhejiang State Grid Construction Company: "This is a complex project: the requirements for electrical insulation are high, the construction is labor-intensive.
The project covers five provinces, and a large number of tests must be carried out before starting operation."

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Baihetan-Zhejiang is one of the 37 projects of the State Electric Grid Company of China. Its representatives say that clean energy, which is transmitted via power lines, has reduced total carbon dioxide emissions in China by almost 2.5 billion tons.

Cao Litan, representative of the Zhejiang State Ultra-high Voltage Power Grid: "In the past, we mainly relied on coal burning.
The amount of electricity we generated depended on how many tons of coal we shipped to local power plants."

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The new energy infrastructure also creates new business opportunities. Thanks to large investments, dozens of research institutes, equipment manufacturers and construction companies across the country are involved in these projects. Last year alone, more than $20 billion was invested in the projects of the State-owned Electric Grid Company of China in the field of ultra-high voltage.

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China takes measures to revive rural areas

A little more than 3 thousand people live in the village of Miaojia in Zhejiang province. The village is small, but very modern. A huge playground, outdoor exercise machines and other sports areas were built here not so long ago, the year before last.

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Lu Rongjie, Party Secretary of Miaojia Village: "The villagers said they needed places to relax and play sports.
We took into account their wishes: we re-equipped the old site and created new public spaces."

More than 10 million yuan was spent on landscaping. Part of the expenses were covered by state subsidies, the remaining funds were allocated from the local budget.

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Lu Rongjie, Party Secretary of Miaojia Village: "We have a lot of income items: we develop tourism, rent real estate, we have cooperatives.
Last year, our total revenue was almost 15 million yuan." Almost a third of the funds are allocated for subsidies to residents.

69-year-old Xu Genjing says that his family receives about 200 thousand yuan a year: this is a salary in a cooperative, a pension and payments from local authorities.

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Xu Genjing, a resident of Miaojia Village: "Subsidies are increasing every year.
Last year it was 600 yuan, now it is 800. We got more than three thousand for our whole family."

Last year, the per capita income in Miaojia exceeded 56 thousand yuan, which is 20 thousand more than the average in Zhejiang province. And the secretary of the village party committee, Lu Rongjie, is sure that this is not the limit.

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Lu Rongjie, Party Secretary of Miaojia Village: "We plan to attract more high-class professionals to the village.
There are many opportunities here: in the tourism industry, in the field of elderly care, and in the field of real estate management. We used to hire third-party companies, but now we want to establish our own so that our own residents work in them."

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In other Chinese villages, residents and authorities are also making efforts to increase incomes and make life more comfortable. Last year, the average income in rural areas across the country exceeded 20,000 yuan, which is 4% more than a year earlier. The growth rate of this indicator is higher than in many cities, which makes it possible to reduce the income gap between the city and the countryside.

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The State Committee for Health Affairs of the People's Republic of China reported on the situation with coronavirus in the country

The situation with coronavirus in China remains stable. This was stated in the State Committee for Health Affairs of the People's Republic of China. No new major outbreaks have been recorded in any province, there are only isolated cases in certain areas of the country. Today, the authorities are striving to improve the mechanism for responding to public health emergencies and the supply chain of medicines and medical equipment.

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Guo Yanhong, Head of the Department of Emergency Medical Care of the State Committee for Health Affairs of the People's Republic of China: "Not only the central government, but also local administrations and various institutions should work to increase the stocks of medicines and everything necessary for emergency medical care.
We are talking not only about the quantity, but also about expanding the range of medicines."

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Guo Yanhong also said that it is planned to increase the number of special teams of rescue doctors. Now there are 40 of them, soon there will be another 20. Specialists will help regions facing health emergencies.

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China continues to strengthen economic ties with other countries

Analysts expect sustainable growth of the Chinese economy after the easing of anti-covid measures in the country. Against this background, China's integration with international business structures continues to develop. One of the giants of the global industry that rely on the Celestial Empire is the American company Huntsman. At its factory in Shanghai, it annually produces 400 thousand tons of polyurethane. This material is used in the construction of buildings, furniture, vehicles and other products.

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Eric Wang, Regional Manager of Huntsman: "The Chinese polyurethane market is the largest in the world.
This industry sector has been developing in China for more than 50 years. Our company has already restored the supply chain, research and production after the recession associated with the pandemic. Most likely, this year we will focus on two areas of application of our products: construction and transport using new energy sources."

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Over the past 25 years, Huntsman has invested 15 billion yuan in the Chinese market. And this is not the only example of large foreign investments in the Chinese economy. Despite the pandemic, China managed to maintain most of the trade and investment flows. One of the main reasons is that there are no self—sufficient regions in the world. This was noted by the McKinsey consulting company in a recent analytical report.

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Quailin Ellingrud, Senior Partner at McKinsey: "In the near future, international corporations will need to reconsider their approaches to work in many areas: from intellectual property and branding to personnel management and supply chains.
Over the past few decades, businesses have been able to increase productivity and build efficient logistics processes. Now is the time to increase their flexibility and innovate."

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McKinsey analysts believe that over the past 40 years, the ties between the world's economies have become even closer. China plays an important role in this integration. International business structures regulate global trade and financial processes related to China - they account for about two-thirds of world exports.

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