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Netanyahu opposes new opposition coalition

05.06.2021 97 просмотров

Israel is preparing to replace the prime minister.

Israel's opposition parties have reached an agreement among themselves that will allow them to form a coalition government capable of ending the 12-year rule of Benjamin Netanyahu.

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Israeli Citizen:

"We have a difficult situation both in the field of security and in the economy. Therefore, any adult responsible citizen of our country must sooner or later say: "Enough! It's time to change it all!”

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Politician representing the traditional view of national values, computer security expert Naftali Bennett, founder of the Ha-Yamin Party ha-Hadash,” declared his readiness to form a united front with centrist journalist and writer Yair Lapid, founder of the Yesh Atid party. 

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In turn, the prime minister called on the right-wing forces to unite in order not to let themselves be overturned by the unexpectedly emerging political alliance of his opponents. lead. In many ways, this is due to the electorate's fatigue from the effective, but very protracted, permanent rule of the leader of the Likud party.

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