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Nauryz, the holiday of spring renewal, was celebrated on a grand scale in Kazakhstan

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Watch in episode 791 of Big Asia News:
  • First televised debate between Philippine presidential candidates takes place in Manila
  • In Moscow the International Economic Forum of the CIS countries was held
  • Big Asia TV channel and China Media Corporation launched a joint information and publicistic project
  • In Baku held an exhibition of the artist Rami Meir, dedicated to the Mountain Jews >

The first televised debate between the contenders took place in Manila for President of the Philippines

Manila hosted the first televised debate between presidential candidates in the Philippines. Elections will be held on May 9, for the main post of the country - 10 contenders, including the current vice president Leni Robredo , the famous boxer and senator Manny Pacquiao, and the son of the ex-leader States Ferdinand Marcos Jr.. By the way, he is the only one who did not take part in the debate. The rest were given the opportunity to speak in front of the widest possible audience. The main themes are economic recovery, infrastructure construction and the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. 


The election campaign started on February 8th. According to some polls, Ferdinand Marcos Jr. is leading the presidential race. The current head of state Rodrigo Duterte, according to the constitution, cannot be re-elected to this position. On May 9, the Filipinos will elect not only a new leader, but also a vice president and more than 300 members of parliament.


The International Economic Forum of the CIS countries took place in Moscow

Moscow hosted the International Economic Forum of the CIS member states. Since 2008, this annual event has been bringing together representatives of the business community and is held in parallel with the meeting of the Economic Council of the Commonwealth of Independent States.


The main topic of this forum was the "green" agenda. The participants discussed the possibilities of cooperation and ways of joint development in this area. At the exhibition, which was held as part of an international event, entrepreneurs and developers presented their eco-projects. For example, edible cups for hot and cold drinks could replace plastic containers.


Vitaly Nesterov, Edible Cup Production Manager:

“Environmentally friendly, no E-additives. This is pure biscuit. Our technology has been textured to withstand hot drinks."


Reducing carbon emissions and recycling, introducing modern energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technologies into production are just some of the topics that managed to discuss at the international forum. The CIS countries have already concluded a number of agreements that are being successfully implemented today. And now, the participants of the event are convinced, the main task is to achieve concrete results.


Big Asia TV and China Media Corporation launched a joint information and publicistic project
< br> A new milestone in the cooperation between the mass media of Russia and China. TV channel "Big Asia" and the China Media Corporation launched a joint project - the information and journalistic program "Chinese Panorama".

The main news of the Celestial Empire are on the air of "Greater Asia" every day. The project is accompanied by a high-profile advertising campaign: every two minutes, on dozens of large screens in the central streets of Moscow, residents and guests of the capital can watch short videos about the Chinese Panorama. 

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Alexander Lebedev, CEO TV channel "Greater Asia":

“I am very glad that it was for the new year, for the Spring Festival, for the holiday of renewal, we launched together with our Chinese colleagues from the Chinese Media groups of China Central Television, with our colleagues who work here in Moscow, a very serious project "Chinese Panorama".


"Chinese panorama" shows a variety of sides life of the Celestial Empire, introduces the achievements of the country and the discoveries of scientists, talks about national traditions and culture. Here you can find the main political and economic news of the People's Republic of China. And, of course, admire the charming pandas. The joint project of the Big Asia TV channel and the China Media Corporation is designed to show the distant world of a large Asian country as it is, and make relations between the peoples of Russia and China a little closer.


In Baku held an exhibition by the artist Rami Meir dedicated to Mountain Jews

"The history of one people - for the whole world." This is the name of Rami Meir's exhibition, which was held in Azerbaijan. The National Carpet Museum in Baku showed more than thirty canvases from the Mountain Jews series, works made in the technique of chasing on metal, wooden sculptures, light paintings and decorative coins made of precious metals, created based on the artist’s painting.


> Rami Meir, artist:

“I noticed that there are over 40 Mountain Jewish artists in all over the world, and noticed that no one noticed that they were passing by this very idea. Past that wonderful moment that you can simply describe your people. I decided to create such a collection of paintings based on the history of my people.”


Tatyana Metaksa, Advisor to the General Director of the State Museum of Oriental Art (Moscow):< /i>

“These are weddings, these are seeing off for service in the Russian army, these are absolutely wonderful landscape subjects, images of ancient synagogues, elders, wise in life. The word "wisdom" is the artist's favorite concept. He uses it very often, and his work is imbued with wisdom.”


Specially for the opening of the exhibition, Baku craftswomen wove the carpet “Guba Carpet Weavers from Krasnaya Sloboda” based on the plot of the painting of the same name by Rami Meir. The Azerbaijani settlement of Krasnaya Sloboda is the birthplace of many Mountain Jews, and local women were famous for their skill in weaving carpets.


Nauryz, a holiday of spring renewal, was celebrated on a grand scale in Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan, Nauryz was celebrated on a grand scale - the holiday of spring renewal and the new year according to the solar calendar among the Turkic peoples. In Alma-Ata, festivities were held in every district of the city.

A theatrical show was shown on the main square. In the performances of the artists - and there were more than 500 of them - all the originality and uniqueness of Kazakh culture. The guests of the holiday were treated to the ritual soup nauryz-kozhe, baursaks and plov.


Guzel Zhumabayeva, local resident:

« Very tasty. There is meat, chickpeas, that's all according to all the rules in general. Hot. The mood is generally excellent, super-duper. We danced and listened to music.”


Eliza Abdulina, local resident:

“Thanks to the organizers this holiday. Pilaf is really very tasty, crumbly. Personally, I can't do this. Take the recipe. 


Artisans' fairs were held in festive yurts. National attributes, clothes, souvenirs - everything is of the highest quality and as authentic as possible. Here, the craftswomen held master classes in knitting, embroidery and carpet weaving. 


Gulmira Aitbayeva, arts and crafts teacher:

“Everything we do on Nauryz turns out to be ornamental. Gifts can be given to each other, it turns out. And decorations for the yurt, for the home.”


Strong in spirit and body, Almaty residents could compete in national sports.Kazakhstanis are sure: in Nauryz everyone can choose how to cheer themselves up.
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