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Green transport, mutually beneficial tourism, environmental victories, film records, the day of the creation of the sky - see "Chinese Panorama"- 477

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Watch the information and journalistic program "Chinese Panorama" on the TV channel "Big Asia" (Issue 477):

  • Xi Jinping called the new architecture of China's development the key to stability and strengthening of the country A businesswoman from Hunan province helps farmers to profit from the harvest
  • Liuzhou enterprise boosts sales of Chinese electric vehicles abroad
  • Tourism between China and Japan resumed after the end of the visa dispute
  • China opens new freight rail routes with Europe
  • Air quality has improved in Chinese cities
  • In January, the box office of films in China exceeded 10 billion yuan
  • In Sichuan province, the traditional Tibetan holiday of Shangju was celebrated on a grand scale
  • Xi Jinping called the new architecture of China's development the key to stability and strengthening of the country

Chinese President Xi Jinping called for paying more attention to the construction of new architectonics of China's development. It provides for the mutual strengthening of the external and internal markets based on the latter.

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During the second collective study with the participation of members of the Politburo, the Chinese leader said that this strategy leads to stability and strengthening of the country. Xi Jinping stressed that domestic demand should be better stimulated, including through direct investment and borrowed funds. Investments in new infrastructure projects and high technologies are especially important.

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Chinese businesswoman helps farmers from neighboring villages

Three years of the pandemic have dealt a heavy blow to Chinese companies. Nevertheless, many entrepreneurs were able to keep the business and achieve success despite the lockdown. One of them is Shen Rong. Her firm operates in Yueyang City District and specializes in cooking popular local cuisine.

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Shen Rong, Chairman of the Board of the Farmers' Cooperative: "I usually spend a lot of time at this farm to be with the locals."

All the members of the farmer cooperative founded by Shen Rong came from neighboring villages. These employees are the main reason why she decided to open her own business. The entrepreneur dreamed of improving the quality of life of the local population and together with them to achieve success. But then the pandemic started, and business stopped.

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Shen Rong, Chairman of the Board of the Farmers' Cooperative: "At that time, our offline stores and retail outlets at airports, railway stations and tourist areas were severely affected.
Sales were very low. The pandemic also affected production, because the free supply of seedlings stopped."

Shen Rong suffered great losses, but did not give up. After all, not only business depended on it, but also the well-being of dozens of people. During the pandemic, villagers could not sell their crops until a businesswoman came to their aid.

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Li Zhilan, a resident of Shishulin village: "The fruits that we collected simply rotted in the house.
Thanks to Shen Rong: in the last two years of the pandemic, she helped us sell crops. We are very grateful to her."

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Cai Dehong, a resident of Shishulin village: "If it wasn't for Rong, all our fruits might have gone bad.
The cooperative collected them in every yard — regardless of the number."

Shen Rong is very glad that after the easing of the anti-weed policy, life returns to normal, and people regain confidence in the future. Now the entrepreneur plans to actively promote her brand — first in the Chinese market, and then abroad.

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Liuzhou enterprise boosts sales of Chinese electric vehicles abroad

On the roads of Liuzhou City District, more than a quarter of cars are electric cars. This is no coincidence, because it is here that the Wuling company produces the bestseller of the Chinese green automotive industry — Hongguang Mini.

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Zhang Yiqin, Director of Branding and Public Relations of the Chinese automaker SAIC-GM-Wuling Auto: "Serious shifts are taking place in the Chinese electric vehicle industry.
Due to the huge volume of the market and high demand, different countries and automakers are actively competing with each other, improving their chips, software solutions and ecosystems. By August last year, Wuling had sold more than a million cars. We have adjusted the algorithm of group control and introduced an island production method — more accurate and intelligent."

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Now the company in Liuzhou is producing Hongguang Mini with the help of a mobile robot. This innovation makes it possible to quickly adapt production processes to the requirements of customers from different countries.

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Shirley Huang, Director of Overseas Projects of the Chinese automaker SAIC-GM-Wuling Auto: "Our cars and auto parts are exported to more than 40 countries around the world.
Last year, the total sales of finished cars exceeded 11 billion yuan. This is 45% more than in 2021 and 2020. The very next day after China eased restrictions on the entry of foreign tourists, potential customers from Vietnam visited our factory in Liuzhou to discuss further cooperation. This year we will develop our business in foreign markets again, using the opportunities we have missed in three years. We will send delegations to Vietnam, Indonesia, the Middle East, India and other countries."

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The company also plans to promote its products through social networks. This will help increase sales and attract new customers around the world. The successes of Wuling and the entire Chinese electric vehicle industry can become an important support for strengthening the country's position in the global market.

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Tourism between China and Japan resumed after the end of the visa dispute

Chinese tourists can visit Japan again, and Japanese tourists can visit China. After a short visa dispute, the consulates of the two countries started working as usual.  Today, both in the Celestial Empire and in the Land of the Rising Sun, they are preparing for a large flow of tourists. So, in one of the Chinese travel agencies, employees are in constant contact with customers, they closely follow the news, because the situation is changing faster than expected.

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Hu Jiying, Deputy Head of the CYTS Travel Agency: "Tour operators of both countries are looking forward to the restoration of tourist flows.
As Chinese President Xi Jinping said, "friendship between people is the key to good relations between states." Inbound tourism is also called people's diplomacy, so we very much hope for its early resumption in the interests of developing relations between China and Japan."

Due to the suspension of the issuance of tourist visas, Chinese interest in traveling to Japan in January decreased significantly. Only reusable visas for a period of 5 years, business and guest visas were issued.

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Han Jie, Head of CYTS Travel Agency: "In January, the Japanese Embassy in China partially suspended its work, which had a great impact on visa processing for Chinese tourists.
Such a harsh policy seriously weakened their enthusiasm. Our data shows that during this period, applications and bookings have significantly decreased."

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The resumption of tourist traffic between the countries will have a positive impact on the Japanese economy. According to the Japanese National Tourism Organization, in 2019, most travelers came to them from China. In general, the hospitality industry brought Japan more than 7% of GDP, while it received more than a third of its income from tourists from China.

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China opens new freight rail routes with Europe The first express trains this year were sent from the urban districts of Handan and Luzhou.

The Handan-Moscow freight train with auto parts and equipment worth more than $2 million has already crossed the Khorgos checkpoint in Xinjiang. He will arrive at his destination in 15 days.

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Zhang Jianming, Director of the International Land Port, Handan:    "The international Land Port of Handan has opened 4 railway routes to Central Europe and Central Asia, including Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan.
The value of exported goods is more than $ 45 million."

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The first freight train "Luzhou-Saint Petersburg" left China for Russia this year. He is taking white cardboard worth about $ 2 million to the northern capital. This train was the first to be sent from Luzhou by a combined route – by rail and by sea.

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Wang Yanping, Director of Supply Chain Management Company, Luzhou: "Our employees did not rest even during the Spring festival to ensure uninterrupted operation on this route.
We needed to ensure the dispatch of the first Chinese-European freight express this year. We have been working to ensure that all the goods were delivered by water and rail to Luzhou on time."

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New freight rail routes from China to Europe increase the efficiency of transportation, thereby involving more and more Chinese enterprises in foreign trade activities.

Air quality has improved in Chinese cities

The air in China is getting cleaner. The Ministry of Ecology and Environmental Protection of the People's Republic of China has published the results of measurements in 339 cities across the country. So, it turned out that the air there met all the necessary standards for up to 316 days a year. This is 5% more than seven years ago. At the same time, the average density of fine dust decreased by more than 3% over the year, but the concentration of ozone increased by almost 6%. Chinese environmentalists associate this deterioration with long periods of heat and drought in the country.

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In addition, in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei Province and surrounding areas, experts found much more pollutants than the average in China. Nevertheless, in recent years, the Celestial Empire has achieved resounding success in improving air quality. For example, from 2011 to 2020, sulfur dioxide emissions in the country decreased by 86%, and nitrogen oxide emissions decreased by almost 60%. Nowhere else in the world have these indicators decreased at such a rate. The Celestial Empire continues to actively implement environmental initiatives and uses a low-carbon approach to energy development. Last year, the Chinese authorities invested more than two hundred billion yuan in air purification projects.

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In January, the box office of films in China exceeded 10 billion yuan

The inhabitants of the Celestial Empire spent a long weekend on the occasion of the Spring holiday actively. This is evidenced by the high performance of the entertainment-related sector of the PRC economy. Thus, the box office of films in China in January exceeded 10 billion yuan. This is the highest monthly figure in the history of film distribution in China.

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The first lines of the rating were taken by Chinese-made films, among them the blockbuster "Wandering Earth 2", "Full-flowing Red River" by the famous director Zhang Yimou and the animation "Bears-neighbors: The Code of Keepers". Performances, concerts and other performances are also in demand among the audience. For example, during the week of holidays, residents of the Celestial Empire watched more than 9400 performances, which is 41 percent higher than last year.

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In Sichuan province, the traditional Tibetan holiday of Shangju was celebrated on a grand scale  On the ninth day of the first month of the lunar calendar, the traditional Tibetan holiday of Shangju is celebrated, or as it is popularly called – the Day of the Creation of the sky.

Among Tibetans, the holiday is considered one of the most important, this year, after the easing of anti-weed restrictions, it was celebrated on a large scale. So, at the foot of Jiajin Mountain in Sichuan province, a lot of people came to the festivities with an original program, entertainment and shows.

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Yangwan Jingzhu, tourist: "Our whole family is always waiting for this day!
My mother sewed these clothes for me for this event, and the jewelry came to me from my grandmother."

Lamu, a local resident: "I cooked a special Tibetan cured pork and cut it into small pieces to please the guests."

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Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the festival has not been held in recent years. And finally, not only residents of the surrounding area, but also tourists were able to experience the unique atmosphere of the holiday again. They saw the dancing of lions and dragons, and in the finale – an acrobatic ritual called "Swan with egg", which tells about the victory of an ancient sacred bird over a huge black python. A difficult number was performed by amateur acrobats.

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Shu Qing, a local resident: "I wasn't flexible before.
But then I began to closely observe the performance of the elders and gradually learned. They're doing great! And thanks to their performances, we managed to preserve this tradition."

The festival guests danced all day, sang folk songs, tasted traditional dishes and enjoyed the festive atmosphere. Each participant of the celebration wished each other happiness, as well as a warm spring and a rich harvest.

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