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National Independence Day celebrated in Brunei

23.02.2020 67 просмотров

This is one of the five official holidays of the country, which has a fixed date.

National Day, when the Sultanate gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1984, is celebrated annually. Technically, Brunei's independence was granted in January of that year, full sovereignty from Britain did not come until February.

On Independence Day in Turkmenistan
a unique monument will be built

Brunei is one of the richest countries in the world and occupies one of the first places in Asia in terms of living standards due to its huge reserves oil and gas.

The population of the sultanate is only 420 thousand people, and 40 percent of those working here are citizens from neighboring countries of East and Southeast Asia. The country exports mainly fuel resources. Alcohol, pork and nightlife are banned in the state.

Local residents treat the Sultan with great love and respect, who is an absolute monarch - all decrees issued by him have the force of law, he appoints officials himself.

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